FDN: We are now on Facebook!

Fiji Democracy Now (FDN) was started in 2007 to campaign for the return of democracy and the rule of law and we think we’ve almost succeeded. We’ve had an election and we’ve got a ‘new’ Government. New? Yes we say it’s new. Bainimarama and Khaiyum are forced to share power with others, for the first time in years. But it’s far from perfect and we would love to help them do better. We want real freedom of speech. We want a real independent judiciary. We want real accountability of ministers for their actions. Above all we want open dialogue that is the basis of all these things. So now we are also on Facebook!

To both our longstanding and new fellow bloggers, please look our new community page up on Facebook ‘ Fiji Democracy Now – & Always‘. We encourage you to ‘like’ our page to start following, and welcome you to share what you like, your opinions, insights and feedback for the site.


One Response to “FDN: We are now on Facebook!”

  1. muki Says:

    Is Bala’s case about killing and drunk driving coming to court. Or is going through Bainimarama’s court

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