Bala faces protestors and dodges court again

Minister for Local Government Praveen Kumar Bala has at last had to defend his decision (well, maybe it was his) to give up one third of Shirley Park in Lautoka for a commercial development. He’s faced protesters who don’t want one third of their park handed to a commercial development. Meanwhile Bala has had his day in court delayed until January 2015. It was said to be due to the unavailability of a Magistrate. Has one of the new Magistrate’s got his job by promising to handle this case ‘appropriately’? Don’t worry Bala, we won’t foget you. We are on your case and we’ll remain there until justice is done.

FijiTimes November 05, 2014 Protesters meet Bala
Fiji Sun 5 November 2014 Minister’s Case Adjourned to January

One Response to “Bala faces protestors and dodges court again”

  1. KS Says:

    Yeap…our boy Bala…..the former driver of the Gujerati Businessman from Ba……now Honourable (pounced as ho – no rable) Bala.

    How did it all happen…..of better still….how did you guys let this happen.

    Only in Fiji.

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