Who would lend Frank $2.8 billion?

According to the 2010 Auditor General’s Report the Government had borrowed $2,759,292,150 from lenders inside Fiji. This is an astounding level of debt and raises the question who would lend an amount like this. We don’t have to stand around scratching our heads too long to work this out. It was the FNPF, in other words you and me. This money is mostly short term, going in and out of the FNPF accounts to keep the government operating. Some 58% of Government revenues in 2010 were spent on repaying short term loans to FNPF and other lenders, leaving only 42% of revenues available for providing government services. This was a 20% fall in the amount of revenues available for services. On top of this huge mountain of debt there were contingent liabilities of $1.8 billion. These are debts that will have to be paid by the Government if the borrower, such as Fiji Sugar Corporation or Fiji Airways can’t pay their debts. This is owed to Banks, including the Export Bank of India. If these fall due we will really be up the creek. If 58 cents in every dollar raised from taxes in 2010 was being spent on keeping the creditors at bay, just think what it would be if Fiji Airways or FSC debts have to be repaid.

9 Responses to “Who would lend Frank $2.8 billion?”

  1. Muki Says:

    How much of that money went to Baini and partner Khaiyum, and not forgetting aunty Nur
    Can someone please put some light on those amount

  2. LOSALINI Says:

    Grand theft BUTAKO by Bainimarama.

  3. LOSALINI Says:

    With the Auditor’ Report indicating massive THEFT and mismanagemet of funds by Bainimarama and his stooges for the last 7 years, we heard him yesterday saying “my government will have zero tolerance if you raid the piggybank”. oh, the audacity of this moron.

  4. The elephant Says:

    yea, when will his elephant step on the thief??? so funny its sickening

  5. Saunivalu Says:

    What’s the use of the Auditor Generals report reporting all these mismanaged of funds without any accountability on the part of the leader who foresaw all the country’s finances????

    Where is the thinking tank, the Police, the Fraud squad etc etc?????

    Where is ACCOUNTABILITY and TRANPARENCY you all speak of????

    There has to be investigation and consideration of accountability by the Auditor General and the Chief of Police when serious crimes of these proportions are committed.

    Fiji, push for these thugs to taken to task for all to see that you live in a democratic world like most of us. Don’t just accept what you are told or given, fight for what you are entitled to. In the long run, you your children and your country will benefit.

  6. Transparency Says:

    whats the use saunivalu??? so that people will get to know what the government they voted for is doing…thats the first step in transparency..

    • Saunivalu Says:

      I suppose you’re right, they would not want the Fiji public to know about their past fraudulent and thieving business in their past 8 years. Transparency and accountability are just two big words that they heard at school and comes across their mind when they speak of fair and just governance just to continue to pull wool over the Fiji public’s eyes and yet they don’t really understand the meaning of the words.

  7. mukesh Says:

    It is of a major concern when reading some of the released misuse or over spending during the past 8 years. What has came out to public regarding the Auditor General’s report, the Bainimarama/Khaiyum must answer some very serious questions about mishandling public fund. One in particular, the non hedging of fund which amounts to more than$70million alone. In Fijian term, this amount is very substantial and many people should be sacked including Bainimarama and Khaiyum for not acting earlier and keeping people of Fiji in darkness. If you call it abuse of public fund or incompetent handling is putting Fiji in deeper crisis which will be paid by people of Fiji while these two leaders will keep enjoying. I would urge opposition parties to organise rallies and inform people and not to wait for the report to be table in parliament

  8. Tomasi Says:

    Because of space restrictions, I will be brief. In my last post, I stated two things. One is that our world is changing rapidly and radically, the nature and direction of which will astound and perplex many. Two is that Khaiyum is primarily a faithful servant of Islam and he has been promoting the Islamic agenda for many years. Let me begin with Khaiyum and his subtle and surreptitious actions to promote Islam. Then we shall observe the alarming trend of global Islamic expansion and control through immigration.

    Fiji’s AG, Khaiyum will never admit he is promoting the Islamic fundamentalist agenda and he will continue to do so by subjugating existing traditions, conventions, laws and protocols. National priorities and development goals will be harmonised with this agenda. He uses Islamic taqiyyah to lie and deceive in order to gain unfettered control. ( Look at his Ministries and know that he is a control freak). This is quite obvious from his words and actions since 1987. His Hong Kong thesis and post 2006 activities also confirm this.

    Islamic taqiyya is basically the doctrine that it is necessary and right to lie and deceive in order to defend and promote Islam. Taqiyya is “concealing or disguising one’s beliefs, convictions, ideas, feelings, opinions, and/or strategies as a means to save oneself from physical or mental injury.” It may be employed for any purpose whereby “an end justifies the means”. Practically, taqiyya is any form of lying, deceit, misleading, half truths or related practices condoned by Islam to protect the individual from harm. It is one of the reasons why we are surprised by brazen acts of lawlessness, violence or terror by Muslims around the world. The Quran advocates such a doctrine. (Quran 3:28 )

    Using this taqiyya, we can evaluate the events of the last seven years and zoom in on the role of Khaiyum and his Muslim family, friends and associates. In 1987, he was involved in the attempt to make bombs to destroy Nadi International Airport. He knew this would kill many innocent lives and destroy vital public infrastructure and our economy. It was precisely because of this high collateral and crippling damage that made them choose Nadi as their strategic target. Destroying Nadi airport would paralyse the airline industry, tourism and all other closely associated industries and economic sectors. But that was a necessary evil to achieve their goals.

    His Hong Kong thesis articulates his philosophy and world view. It provides a window into his heart, mind and soul. He was determined to radically transform the status quo in Fiji through whatever means possible. As Kierkegaard once stated, the end justifies the means. No matter how much it costs and what others think, Khaiyum must reform Fijian society according to his agenda.

    Since 2006, Khaiyum has been involved with Voreqe to justify the illegal military takeover through the doctrine of necessity. His family and friends have been the real power and brains behind the curtains. He has succeeded in abolishing the GCC, attacked the Christian Church, silenced the masses, cowed the press, removed our God given rights, compromised our security forces, corrupted the civil service, paralysed our judiciary, written new decrees to control the indigenous Fijians and their resources, identity and culture and rewrote a constitution to give them immunity for as long as they live. The cumulative impact of his decrees and actions threaten the very survival of the Fijian and Rotuman cultures and traditions ( Viti kei Rotuma), including our freedom to worship God the way we want to. No one else has even dared to attempt such a travesty of justice because of it is wrong, unjust and absolutely dangerous. But Khaiyum has done it and he knows it will come back to hurt him very badly. He has constructed a bomb more deadlier than the one they built for Nadi Airport. Only time will tell how his story will end as the clock ticks away.

    But how can Khaiyum be working against the Fijian people when his wife is Fijian, he is dressed as a Fijian, and calls himself Fijian? How can Khaiyum be one of us and not be one with us? How can he be corrupt when he is fighting corruption? ( He set up FICAC to control his enemies ?). How can he be accused of breaking the law when he is the lawmaker? How can the election not be free when the voting age has been lowered, a new constitution has been “endorsed”, anybody can form any party, everybody has been encouraged to register and vote, and an “independent international Committee” has given international endorsement? How on earth can FFP be illegal when they have given people roads, classrooms, toilets, free bus fares, free education, free water, free electricity, etc? How can a student betray and publicly humiliate his professor which he had appointed to lead the drafting of Fiji’s constitution? These are examples of deception of the highest order.(Islamic taqiyya). The devil is alive and well in the highest offices of our land. Better believe it folks.

    Since February 2010, Khaiyum’s aunt (Nur Bano) has been the pay-mistress for Fiji’s illegal junta leaders. Khaiyum has controlled several key portfolios directly and several more indirectly. The number and mix of his key ministerial portfolios, his family control over the ministers’ salaries and his far superior intellect to Voreqe made AS Khaiyum the most powerful man in Fiji since 2010. The transition to a Parliamentary democracy only serves to increase and legitimise his control over Government resources and institutions. I believe without a shadow of doubt that Khaiyum is the most powerful man in Fiji today. ( He managed to issue a decree on MP salaries after the election and made a Cabinet reshuffle even before the first Cabinet meeting.) But he will continue to pretend that Voreqe is the leader and Cabinet runs the show. All this is just part of the Islamic tagiyyah we have talked about above.

    Islam worships Allah the moon god. In fact they worship Lucifer (Satan) but many of them do not realise that. Compared to the Hebrews and Christianity, Islam is the youngest monotheistic religion and a counterfeit of the two that preceded it. A study on the life and teachings of its false prophet Mohammed is sufficient to conclude that Islam is pure evil so well disguised under the cloak of a religion. Mohammed has established himself as a liar, storyteller, paedophile, adulterer, sex maniac, murderer and master of deceit. He was possessed by demons and his religion is controlled by Satan himself through the mullahs. Several thousands of former Muslims have confirmed this. Salman Rushdie’s “ Satanic Verses” is a classic example.

    The secret agenda of Islam is to conquer and rule the whole world to worship Satan ( Allah). This means that all obstacles in their path shall be destroyed under their doctrine of necessity. As much as possible, they will try and employ crafty and subtle means to gain advantage and control through peaceful means. Once they have the control, they will exercise their power to achieve their goals. This brings us to the demographic changes in various societies and continents today.

    For a culture to maintain itself for more than 25 years, it must have a fertility rate of 2.11 children per family. With anything less, the culture will decline. With a fertility rate of 1.3 children per family, population growth will decline that it is impossible to reverse the trend. In other words, over time, that culture will cease to exist, because as the population shrinks so does the culture. There are also other factors acting to affect our cultures apart from population.
    Muslims from various countries have been migrating to other countries over the last hundreds of years. Given the low fertility rates in many Euro nations, their demographics have been changing. While Muslim populations in these countries have increased, the host country populations in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, etc. have been shrinking because of their lower fertility rates. Historical records tell us that these numbers are impossible to reverse. (Do you wonder why many of our young men and women are recruited into the British Army?) So in a few years, Europe as we know it will cease to exist. Yet, the population of Europe is not declining. Why? Immigration.

    Of all population growth in Europe in the last 25 years, 90% is due to Islamic immigration. In Southern France today, there are more mosques than churches. In France, 30% of all children aged 20 or younger are Muslims. In the cities of Nice, Marseilles and Paris, 45% are Muslims. In 33 years, France will be an Islamic republic. In the UK, over the last 36 years, the Muslim population has been growing from 82,000 to about 3 million today (35 times). There are over 1,000 mosques in Britain. Many churches have been converted to mosques. In the Netherlands, 50% of all new born babies are Muslims. In ten years time, half of the population will be Muslims. In Russia, there are over 23 million Muslims, and in a few short years, 40% of the entire Russian army will be Islamic.

    According to the German Federal Statistics Office, by the year 2050, Germany will become a Muslim State. Muammar Gaddaffi once said, ‘There are signs that Allah will grant victory to Islam in Europe without swords, without guns, without conquest. We don’t need terrorists, we don’t need homemade bombs. The 50 plus million Muslims (in Europe) will turn it into a Muslim controlled continent in a few decades.” Gaddaffi is gone but his observation is visible on the horizon.

    The phenomenon in Europe is also happening around the world. In the USA, apart from the increase in Muslim population and influence in the corridors of power, Washington has already welcomed into the White House its first Muslim and homosexual President in the person of Obama Barak. The Muslims in America have already prepared themselves for the reality that in 20 years time, there will be 50 Million Muslims in America. The Catholic church had announced in 2008 that Islam has surpassed their membership numbers. Some studies have shown that by this year, 2014, Islam will be the dominant religion of the world. This brings the QATAR intervention, the UNCHR meeting, ISIS and other events into better focus.

    Folks, we are in the very last days and we need to seriously rethink our present and our future. It is time to Wake Up Fiji. Khaiyum personifies the greatest threat to our nation and specifically to our indigenous island cultures of Viti kei Rotuma. There is a global one world agenda and AS Khaiyum is not acting alone. He is only but an instrument of Allah and his Muslim Islamic fundamentalist agenda. With the help of the Illuminati, Freemasons, Satanic cults and others, they are preparing the world for the appearance of their Mahdi, the anti Christ. Observe his record for yourself and see the writing on the wall. Their ultimate goal is to transform Fiji as much as possible into a Islam – friendly republic. They have been doing that secretly over the last seven years. They now have an Islamic Conversion Centre in Suva. They now control the military, police and Government. Yes they really mean business and will succeed if we do not stop them. But we do have hope, only if that hope is rooted in God and Jesus Christ. Satan (Allah) fears no one else except God Himself.

    As others have said, the political events in Fiji are shaped and motivated by forces and people unknown to us. To ignore these threats is dangerous and foolish. We must ACT NOW to reclaim our freedoms, protect our cultures, honour our God and fulfil our destiny. I repeat. Our greatest threat is the Islamic fundamentalist agenda. I call upon all communities and cultures. Let us all unite as a nation to win back our rights to determine our destiny, according to our values and beliefs and our love for God and for one another.

    This is also a call to all who call ourselves Christians. These are the last days and we must make a stand for the God we believe in. Supporting Khaiyum is rejecting the true and living God of the Bible and bowing to Satan the Deceiver. Our task is to illuminate the crevices of creation with the light of Godliness; to bring into physicality, spirituality. This is done by learning God’s ways and perspectives as revealed in the Bible. Through our practical applications of the truth, we so introduce real truth into a world of apparition and falsity.

    To conclude, someone said this last year and I hope you will help you make up your mind and make your stand for God’s rightful place in Fiji.

    “As we reduce all phenomena to their most fundamental elements, we uncover a deep, inherent oneness in the universe. As we reduce all information and media to a common language made of only two words—yes and no—we discover the paths by which we can integrate them to form a single whole, with all of humanity swept along into a single consciousness reminiscent of the consciousness of Adam and Eve in the Garden.”

    We must SAY NO to Khaiyum’s Constitution and his evil Islamic agenda. Let us stand up for God and Jesus Christ, because He will defend and protect us. May the God of that garden of Eden, of Abraham, Isaac and Israel be our God and the God of our Fiji always. Vinaka.

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