Mere’s bold speech will be rewarded

New Lands minister Mere Vuniwaqa has defended the Surf Decree, telling qoliqoli owners who raised the issue that they can’t expect to have exclusive deals on surf spots. The previous arrangement at Tavarua denied access to the surf at Tavarua to anyone who was not staying at Tavarua resort. Qoliqoli rights are about fishing and not riding surf boards, so Mere Vuniwaqa has done everyone a favour by having the courage to speak up and defend a decision she did not make. This is something Bainimarama never had the courage to do.

Fiji Times November 03, 2014 Surf law inclusive

3 Responses to “Mere’s bold speech will be rewarded”

  1. Blessing in Disguise Says:

    nothing bold about that because the right has already been stolen…just reinforces bai/kai agenda to remove all indigenous rights and transfer to the government…and when the government becomes a real fijian government, the kai india will be complaining that they are being marginalised under the very law they helped bai/kai put in place….what a bunch of hypocrites

  2. Ratu meli vunivalu Bau USA Says:

    Mere please go and have a face lift matavakai CICI.

  3. avatar Says:

    Mere has failed to explain one important fact about the Decree.Qoliqoli owners claim to ownership of the qoliqoli in other words the right to fish or extract sea produce from an area used for surfing takes second place now to a decision by Director of Lands to allow surfers to surf over the same spot.In other words ownership rights over the seabed exercised by Director of Lands is now permanently stamped as taking precedent over or greater than usage rights belonging to qoliqoli owners.
    Queen Victoria would be furious turning in her grave after realizing the fact that the contents of her letter read by Governor Obrian to the GCC meeting at Nailaga that qoliqoli boundaries would be surveyed and registered just like their lands so that the chiefs and their tribes can enjoy all types of rights and usage that they had enjoyed since time immemorial appears to have come to naught.
    Please Minister Mere just do the right thing.

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