Who really wants daylight saving?

Pardeep Lal of Fiji National University’s Labasa campus has asked some hard questions about daylight saving. Does it really do anything for Fiji? Kids have to get up so early in some places that they’re in the dark. If you google daylight savings to see which countries have it you’ll find again and again tropical countries almost never have it. So why us? Could it be a case of viavia Kai Valagi? Have you ever noticed how often Bainimarama and Khaiyum appear in suit and tie, like they’re not really living in the tropics. Look at the old photos of Ratu Mara, Ratu Edward and Ratu Penaia and you’ll see them wearing clothes that show they know they live in the tropics.

Fiji TImes November 03, 2014: Time to save daylight

2 Responses to “Who really wants daylight saving?”

  1. Saunivalu Says:

    Their true narcissistic personality coming out now

  2. well they live like whites anyway Says:

    Well Well, they travel in air conditioned vehicles, live in air conditioned houses, stay in 5-star hotels, travel 1st class, and rarely mingle with the ones who have to wake at 4 (oops now at 3 am) to cook, look after their farm and farm animals. Make them live on a remote farm (without any medical, internet, phone, transport, and alcohol supplies) and they will look at the daylight differently for the rest of their lives.

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