Khaiyum’s pass mark – 12 out of 137

Khaiyum gives himself a pass with 12 out of 137 on the UN Human Rights Commission’s test of the state of our human rights but the UN says NO WAY, come back in 5 months. Khaiyum claims he supports 98 of the recommendations by the UNHCR but claims he will have to “consult with relevant independent institutions” before he can respond to the UN’s recommendations. Did he actually speak these words – “consult with relevant independent institutions”? Does he know what independent means? Has he forgotten that he burned the draft constitution produced by his independent constitutional commission! The UNHCR has given him until March 2015, less than six months, to report back. In other words, teacher says pupil Khaiyum must try harder and come back when he’s properly prepared for his exam!

Radio Fiji 3 November 2014: Fiji complies with 12 human rights recommendations: AG
Fijilive November 03, 2014: ‘Restore freedom of expression, review constitution’
Fiji Times 4 November 2014: UN calls for review

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