Vaniqi finally admits it – Sugar industry was on the verge of collapse

In congratulating his government for the decision to subsidise fertiliser for cane production, Sugar Ministry permanent secretary Lieutenant Colonel Manasa Vaniqi, let slip that without this injection of subsidy “the sugar industry would have collapsed”. This is first time the word collapse has been used, even though it’s been obvious this is a possibility. When will we see the truth of the state of the industry – all the statistics and the state of finances of FSC?

Fiji Times October 30, 2014 – Sweet success

4 Responses to “Vaniqi finally admits it – Sugar industry was on the verge of collapse”

  1. Mukesh Says:

    The high cost of the fertilizer at that time was because of world draught and record high agricultural commodity price including fertilizer. The excuse that price is lower than cost is not growers problem, but industry and mismanagement by executives of FSC who manages the SPF. There was lots of mishandling at time, including bulk purchase of fertilizer.
    The government need to come clean why they sacked the than SCGC CEO Mr. Jagarnath Sami. Why all sugar industry bodies were scraped.
    Answers to those questions will expose why SPF was on the verge collapse.
    I have been strong critics of the current fertilizer price, and I still believe that farmers are paying excessively high price when the world market price has fallen more than 50%.
    I would urge the government or Mr. Vaniqi to explain to people about the wrong doings of the industry executives at that time.

  2. Mukesh Says:

    In particular, I would require Mr. Vaniqi to disclose to public about the $3 Million fertilizer contract at that time

  3. Tomasi Says:

    Mukesh, you seem to have a genuine issue there, because as you know, any price movement on fertilizer and similar items affects the cost of production and net returns for farmers, FSC and other stakeholders. I suggest you take it up with Prof Biman and the Opposition members. Of course you have the PM and Sugar Minister, but he won’t be able to help you because he is part of your problem and the answer to your questions. Prof Biman is our Shadow Minister of Finance and that includes FSC and other corporate entities. Vinaka.

  4. mukesh Says:

    Readers press read the news on Radio Fiji’s web site that sugar units not able to provide auditors with documents.
    I can assure readers that the long established industry had very well established filling system that most major overseas companies do not have.
    Failing to provide supporting documents deserves kick in ass and immediate sack.
    Bainimarama is harping about stopping corruption now we see each day how his associates continued corruptions under his nose which he and Khaiyum had hidden from public before election.
    Even those corruptions are not exposed, let me assure the racers that nothing will happen…. Good on you Baini……

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