The French remember Ratu Sukuna

The French Embassy has set up an exhibition remembering the contribution Fiji made during World War I. It is titled ‘World War I and Ratu Sakuna’, recalling the part Ratu Sukuna played in our contribution to the defence of France. Exhibition curator Larry Thomas said many young people would no longer recall Ratu Sukuna’s role, leaving the UK where he was a student in 1914 and joining the French Foreign Legion after being knocked back by the British armed forces. Returning from the front after being wounded, with three medals for gallantry, including the legendary Medaille Militaire, Ratu Sukuna organized a Fijian labour battalion to work on the docks in support of the war effort. When World War II came, he again answered the call and led the Fijian contribution to the war effort. In 2010, a public holiday commemorating Ratu Sukuna’s role as a statesman, which went way beyond his war efforts, was abolished. It’s nice to see he’s remembered by the French.

Fiji Times October 29, 2014: WWI display

6 Responses to “The French remember Ratu Sukuna”

  1. talai Says:

    Rt Sukuna was a real war hero and leader unlike the current military and its leadership including the PM. A bunch of cowards who can only bully and intimidate women, children and unarmed men but only surrender so willingly at the first sight of armed enemies. They are simply a thieving lot who are unashamedly rob the cream of the nations taxes by having the most lucrative remuneration scale in the service relatively. An for what? for polishing boots, cleaning rifles and marching around town and doing shoddy peacekeeping work.

  2. tualeita Says:

    Rt. Sukuna was a Statesman. A man of two worlds. A hero in Europe and the unexcelled leader in Fiji. I still wonder why the public holiday in his memory was scrapped. His analysis in the book “The Legged Stool” is prophetic and still stands.

  3. LOSALINI Says:

    Tualeita, you know why it was scrapped? For the same reason why the GCC was scrapped and for the systematic destruction of anything FIJIAN.

  4. Tomasi Says:

    Very true Talai, Lo and Tua. One of the sad tragedies of Voreqe’s dance with the devil over the last seven years is that in trying to seek shelter from the law and its harsh and impending judgement, the indigenous Fijian race has to suffer unintended collateral damage. Knowing his personally over several years, I have been trying to figure out what really happened to him between 2003 – 2006. Voreqe suffered trauma because of the 2000 CRW crisis at Nabua.

    We know that he tried to conduct a coup way back in 2002, but his senior officers refused to join him. Yes he had misappropriated money from the military’s regimental funds and other RFMF budget lines. Andrew Hughes was onto him for the murder and torture of the CRW. But it was some outsiders who influenced him to cross the line. And those outsiders are the ones who gave him the ideas of justifying the coup. Gauging by what has transpired since 2006, I am sure his chief advisers (people standing in the shadows as Andrew Hughes calls them) are not indigenous people. Because Fijians would not advocate anti Fijian policies and ideologies. They would never dare to touch the GCC nor Rt Sukuna Day and other sensitive institutions dear to us.

    However, as time went on and more information come to light, we now have a fair idea of these shadowy figures and their secret agenda. These are the people that should be held accountable for the systematic desecration and destruction of our indigenous Fijian institutions, culture and traditions, including our faith in God.The following people are certainly the core of his advisory group:

    Our gay CJ, Shameem, Khaiyum, and some major players in the private sector including the American lawyer and his resort owner friend from Yasawa. Unfortunately, there are also several prominent Fijian men and women behind the scenes and some are right there in plain sight. People like Tui Cavuilati, Isikeli Mataitoga, Inoke Kubuabola, Filipe Bole, Taufa Bole, Paul Manueli and Finau Tabakaucoro.

    So sad that we the indigenous people have suffered unnecessarily just to perpetuate the myth of a clean up campaign and to justify the unjustifiable. But because truth, right and justice are divine realities conceived by God himself, no man past, present and future, neither a thug, liar and demon possessed lunatic will ever preail. God always prevails in the end. That is our comfort and our foundation. On that we can be absolutely certain. We will prevail over this regime cum Government.

  5. talai Says:

    Tomasi, not to mention the other instigators who got stung by the beast itself like MP Chaudhary, Bune, etc. They don’t deserve any leniency. The solution lies with our coward military. They still have a chance to redeem themselves, but I’m not sure if they even have the brains and guts to figure this out. Fiji army is now the laughing stock of the region. Word is the Australians and NZ will go on a recruitment drive from the pacific countries like Samoa, Tonga and Melanesia. Last thing on their minds are ex- or current military personnel from Fiji. They even know the Fijian term for it like lamusona cowards!!! They are now known to be unscrupulous beneficiaries of the state for their own personal benefit. last thing on their mind is safety and security of citizens of Fiji. The only thing worst than a coward is a thieving fat coward who unashamedly sucks the teats of the cow that its supposed to protect.

  6. Saunivalu Says:

    Tomasi & Talai

    To add to the insult to the generosity and trust of the simple minded Fijian people, the current conductor in the driving seat of their future has not got a clue of how to lead and has no direction or plans to lead Fiji towards prosperity and security in every sense of the word. Look seriously at the whole picture and one can distinguish and identify in quantum differences between someone’s Personal Agenda and Motivated Influential drive from outside based upon the outside influence target Goal lased with promises and reward for the conductor.
    The conductor has no knowledge or wisdom yet is propped and supported from every angle and influenced by influential people. With his Narcissistic personality the conductor propelled himself forward as the man of the moment.

    The citizens of Fiji are being used as Pawn to the selfish and self servicing ideology of a few that you both have mentioned above not to mention that the simple minded Fijians have less or no understanding of how important political fairness is to their individual well being and their security and that of their future generations.

    The thinking of the Fijians in my view in their support for the Military Lead Government is no difference to the support of the poor Chinese peasant to Chinas communist Government. Their decision making is not always based on their freedom to think and then decide but based on fear and being controlled whereas the other option for them is death and destruction dished to them by their own government. These leads to the people having no say at all on any issue therefore are being dictated upon in matters so crucial to their well being.

    This type of trust obedience are being manipulated by the ill willed self servicing thugs like those that run Fiji F@#$%ed Government today.

    The Fiji people have not been given a fair chance to listen to all concerned leading up to the election. Given the right to choose after a well informed campaign by all the political parties involved is the fundamental right of the Fijians. How does one understand if not informed????. Informations gives us all the knowledge to decide for ourselves about when, how, where and who in our decision making.

    I feel that Fiji now need a real election, a fair one whereby everyone and all have to be well informed about what to expect when choosing political parties to lead their country plus the importance of acknowledging the rights of the indigenous people of Fiji, the healthy aspects of a multicultural society and so forth. Fiji should give the power back to the people to create their own wealth in knowledge, education and cultural diversity, the freedom to express from the heart which more often leads to healthy debates, again that is educating people to see and learn from and about others view point without the fear of being punished or brutally mishandled by those in power and in authorities.

    The Police force is useless and the military are intimidating.

    Fiji people have suffered and are still suffering, Fiji needs freedom and better security.

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