The hotel pipeline

Tourism Minister, Faiyaz Koya, is talking up tourism big time. With an elected government we can expect tourism number to grow – Faiyaz thinks we can expect six to seven per cent growth annually. But what he’s really saying, in effect, is that the unelected government for nearly eight years cost our tourism industry real growth. He named a lot of hotels in the pipeline, but he knows as well as the rest of us that hotels like Momi Bay Resort in Nadi have been in the pipeline since the Qarase Government days, waiting for the return of the rule of law.
Radio Fiji 28 October 2014, 1000 more new hotel rooms expected

3 Responses to “The hotel pipeline”

  1. Saunivalu Says:

    Bunch of dump idiots, these people speaks through their backside when they open their good for nothing blob they call brain. They should do the right things first and foremost. Get the infrastructure in a good place before talking up the arrivals of tourist. These govt is thinking of spending a lot of money up North but they forget that the international Airport is in Nadi… Nadi town is a pigsty and a disgrace to all concerned.

    The government must stop the building of shops and Restaurant closer to the Hotels like what the Denarau Development had done. It has killed the majority of Businesses in Nadi that used to rely on Tourist Dollars for their income. Instead expat with bags of cash runs shops and Restaurants closer to the hotels whereby tourist don’t even step out of the Denarau resort the entire time because everything are right there by the Hotels.

    Nadi Town is the classic example of such developments whereby the shop owners do not have the income available to them to up grade and maintain their buildings, resulting in the decrepit state of the whole Nadi area itself.

    Get the infrastructure in good order. Proper planning is required when development for tourist resorts are constructed for the benefit for all that rely on tourism for their income. and not for the expats from abroad to come to Fiji, monopolise the tourism industries and ventures, leaving the local to be second class citizen in their own country, without any income or the opportunity to run businesses that relies on tourist dollars for their survival.


  2. Muki Says:

    All government minister a bluntly tell lies. These ministers do not know that people are mad like them. Thanks to Bainimarama’s corruptions they are now holding ministerial positions, so instead on Bainimarama and Khaiyum these ministers will be their mouth piece.

    People at grass roots are paying the cost as a result of new taxes and levies.

  3. Saunivalu Says:

    Muki , the very small minority of the working class in Fiji are footing the bills.

    The majority of the population do not pay tax hence the cost of living is high… The fact is these people ( Govt head honchos) are dump and cant calculate simple figures to help and support the financial undertakings of every Fijians. They don’t have the mental capacity to look at the broad picture of their economy. Fiji situation is a classic example of the Rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer. The rich charge the poor their business related heavy duties therefore the poor have no choice but to pay, Guess who wins here the government and the Businessmen. Fiji working class will remain poor unless the current financial and economic system change.

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