Pio steps forward to reassure

Hot on the heels of Bainimarama’s careless talk about denying ‘development’ to SODELPA voters because they apparently didn’t ‘want’ it, Pio Tikoduadua, has moved to project a vision of development which Bainimarama will wreck if he thinks he can play around with genuine investment to keep it from people who didn’t vote for him. Roads can’t cut out places on their way.
Fiji Times October 28, 2014 5-year plan

One Response to “Pio steps forward to reassure”

  1. No subsidized electricity Says:

    He also said that people should not expect electricity bills to get any cheaper. So what did most vote for. I have no water, forget about getting it free. Now electricity. Public accounts show we had heaps and heaps of money for trips, taxi companies, phone calls, so why can’t ordinary citizens get basic necessities at least.

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