A dunce’s cap for Filipe

The Auditor General’s report on the Education ministry has it all. What a collection of failures of what Frank used to call good governance! “Overpaid salaries, destroying of bus fare coupons and ticket butts, no segregation of duties, double payments, unsubstantiated repair works on ministry vehicles, fictitious quotations for purchase of stationary and usage of 2012 quotations for 2013 purchase”. And to top it off, no action against incompetent or crooked staff. A lot of us expected more from a former Permanent Head of the Ministry.
Fijilive October 27, 2014 Education examines auditor’s report

3 Responses to “A dunce’s cap for Filipe”

  1. Anjaiya Mudaliar Says:

    Surcharge Brij Lal

  2. What can Mahend do Says:

    How naive to say one should surcharge Brij. He was just the front . He didn’t even know whether he was coming or going for a long time. Remember his horrible outburst at media at Natabua college. He cant even speak properly, forget about checking and balancing. Then we had a minister in wheelchair who our tax money was paying. We paid for his multiple hospital stays, as well oxygen and more. What did he know.
    What can we expect an economist of Mahendra Reddy’ s calibre to do. So far all he had done is transferred all who complained about his wife. Wonder what action will he take against Madam Bolloywood (Basundra) who will go to ANY extend for a position.

    Much is known about that. Mismanagement and taking people to task. Good luck to him. He is forgetting he is dealing with a whole corrupt machinery that has been around for 8 years. Let’s see what he does in even 8 months.

  3. Old farts Says:

    what do you expect from a senile old piece of shit. look at the all farkups this idiot has done:

    – messy school bus fares administration
    – school zoning
    – no formal exams

    Qase ga sa sona. go and die along with the likes of Sukanaivalu , Ah Koy, Prue Rouse, and Korovulavula you self-righteous senile marthafarkers! waste of oxygen and you are indeed creating damage on way out. the sooner the better.

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