Rent arrears – thank you Mere for half the truth

Mere Vuniwaqa has wasted no time in getting down to collecting arrears in rent owed for leases on Crown land. So far this month, half a million dollars has been collected out of the $25 million owed and the Minister has made it clear evictions will take place if arrears are not cleared. But this is only half the story. What about the arrears on Native Land? The TLTB no longer publishes figures on the arrears. The SAP computer system introduced to manage arrears was scrapped because it was supplied by Ballu Khan and nothing was put in to replace SAP. So the rent owed to land owners continued to mount.

Fiji Times October 25, 2014 Taskforce rakes in $500k in rent arrears

3 Responses to “Rent arrears – thank you Mere for half the truth”

  1. navosavakadua Says:

    I wonder how many of the tenants who voted for FF thinking that the Interim Government had a policy of being soft on arrears are now beginning to think again.

  2. taliban Says:

    lol…muslim power

  3. avatar Says:

    The FF Government had also promised 99 years leases to be issued to squatters on Crown land, such as in Wailea and Veiquwawa in Suva and parts of Nadi, Lautoka and Labasa, most of whom do not have secure income sources.There is bound to be 2 unwelcome effects:
    1. Rent arrears that Government wants to avoid is bound to increase.
    2. Squatter settlements is bound to mushroom overnight when people realize that squatting is the easiest method for securing a 99 years lease.

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