Is this what equal citizenship means?

Bainimarama has claimed that people who didn’t vote for his party didn’t want “developments” so he is justified in denying them projects, which will apparently go to the people who voted for him. Is this his idea of equal citizenship? Then there’s the report of the Auditor General that his office was not allowed access to papers from the Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board to show how scholarships were awarded. Were these handed out on the basis of rewards for supporters? We have an elected government now so we have a right to know and it has a duty to tell us.

Fijilive October 25, 2014 TSLB 2013 files not audited
Fiji Times October 26, 2014 PM’s worry

One Response to “Is this what equal citizenship means?”

  1. Mukesh Says:

    When I was in secondary school we had a literature text book named “Root”. There was one story titled “An Ass in Lion Skin”. Mr R C Pillai had foresighted and our Bainimarama resembles the title.
    What else can we expect from an ass

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