A $45,000 dinosaur

The Auditor-General’s report on the purchase of a swamp dozer to assist rice farming in the Nausori district is a perfect example of why an elected government will always make better decisions. The Swamp dozer, purchased in 2012 at a cost of $45,000, was supposed to be lent to farmers to help them prepare fields for rice farming. But farmers didn’t want the swamp dozer because it was too big, had no reverse gear and was hard to control in small fields where farmers wanted to plant. It ended up being parked at the Lakena Station for almost a year without being utilized because of mechanical problems. The Auditor said the Ministry of Agriculture should have conducted research first, but isn’t the real problem that the Government thought it knew best and didn’t have to listen to the people. Now we have an elected Parliament, Ministers will have to explain what happened.

Fiji Times October 25, 2014 Conduct research first

5 Responses to “A $45,000 dinosaur”

  1. Muki Says:

    Whoever approved the purchase must go to jail like Mahendra Patel, Garase, And Post Fiji executive. All of them has similar case,

  2. taliban Says:

    lol…muslim power

  3. Fili Waqabaca Says:

    Fili Waqabaca should show his true mettle now whether he will surcharge PM and his army cohorts for overspending or will just do a spineless backflip and keep on with his beauty contest in the media and FRU. Show us you’re different Fili boy, the world is watching u

  4. Yoyo Singh Says:

    Funny ain’t it!!!

    BTW it is not $45,000. 00…….it was $370,000.00.
    Maybe now they are trying to sell it to some Indian rice farmer/party supporter for $45K.

    Here is a earlier Fiji Times story:

    “IN an effort to revitalise the rice industry, the government has donated a swamp dozer to farmers in Dreketi, Macuata on Thursday.

    Ministry of Agriculture director for extension services Vatimi Rayalu said the new machine, worth $370,000, would greatly assist farmers in the North with rice cultivation.”…….

  5. avatar Says:

    Wasn’t it the same swamp dozer that was used to clear and plough the fields beside the PM’s village, Kiuva? According to Agricultural office Nausori the dozer was specifically acquired for the Kiuva job and simply forgotten and dumped at Lakena after that.

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