Ten years in prison means a serious offence

Fiji Live reports that an apparent breach of the 48-hour election blanket coverage ban on political advertising by a “local media station” has not been investigated. Police say they have not received any report about an alleged Electoral Decree breach and their spokesperson Ana Naisoro said talk to (FICAC). Fiji Live don’t even dare say that it was the Radio Fiji website run by Khaiyum’s brother that made the breach. They just refer to a local media organisation. Thanks to his brother, the breach carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison or a fine of $50,000. That’s a serious offence which cannot be swept under the mat.

Fijilive October 22, 2014 No report on media election breach: Police

5 Responses to “Ten years in prison means a serious offence”

  1. LOSALINI Says:

    seems like no one is brave enough to lodge a complaint!

  2. Concerned Citizen Says:

    Even if someone makes a formal complaint – what can one expect?

    AG controls Police Force and FICAC.

    Will this complaint ever reach Justice Gate’s Judiciary?

  3. Chandu Says:

    @ Concerned Citizen: what if it reaches Justice Gates? Will the decision go against FBC?

  4. tk Says:

    democracy for you!

  5. avenisa Says:

    Justice Gates will only be concerned with those who are interested to come in his rear gate……like the Rear Admiral.

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