So where is the clean-up coup?

There is no other form of Government spending that has been subject to more accusations of corruption than hurricane relief spending. Under Ratu Mara there were always accusations that Lau got more than its fair share. Now we learn that the Auditor-General has found that the Minister of Rural and Maritime Developments “didn’t reconcile the Prime Minister’s National Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation Trust Fund receipt and expenditure in the FMS general ledger as no expenditure was maintained” – NO expenditure ledger was maintained??  Was the money handed out of a big sack carried around by Rokoura and Naliva?

Explaining this is going to be very interesting.

Fiji Times October 22, 2014 No spending ledger maintained

2 Responses to “So where is the clean-up coup?”

  1. Ateca . V Says:

    Yes large Father Xmas vote-buying sack.

  2. mukesh Says:

    Big, fancy, and policy words are only meant to be used by power holders and is to be implemented to ordinary and poor people. Cleaning up corruptions, transparency, efficiencies are examples of those words used by PM, look who is not only in government but also minister “Praveen Bala” ..
    Government department efficiencies has not improved, in most cases worsened since coup, water and electricity bills sky high, cost of living not to be mentioned, only thing that has improved is visitor arrival and thanks for increased airport tax, government is able to survive.

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