Isn’t this Agscam all over again?

The Auditor General’s report on the Provincial Development ministry’s accounts reveal their records are a complete black hole. The Auditor General could not confirm how much money was received and how much was spent. Included in the list of failures is this: “Kasabia’s Ltd and R.C Manubhai were paid hundreds of thousands of dollars for supply of building materials which were not fully delivered to recipients.” Doesn’t this sound just like the Agscam that Bainimarama went on and on about?



5 Responses to “Isn’t this Agscam all over again?”

  1. Ratu meli vunivalu Bau USA Says:

    This. Bainimarama should be. Hanged when this. Is all. Over.

  2. Tomasi Says:

    “Those who choose not to learn from history are condemned to repeat it” Rephrased but still very true.

  3. mukesh Says:

    Following personnel to be sacked immediately before even an inquiry begins
    – person who requested the goods and goods not received
    – person who raised LPO and goods not received
    – goods receiving officer
    – person who matched the LPO against goods receipt
    – person who authorised invoice for payment
    – person who made the payment

    Inquiry to begin and any one innocent to be reinstated with warning recorded for not following up and not raising concern to relevant authority

    Also department heads to be fully investigated and any laxity on their part to be demoted, or sacked

  4. Tomasi Says:

    Very reasonable, practical and effective steps to excellent management Mukesh. But in order for that to be implemented, it assumes that the bosses are concerned about transparency and accountability and good management. That I think is not a reasonable assumption because the Government is the epitome of scams and represents the lowest point in our history.

  5. Tomasi Says:

    This is just a tip of a gigantic iceberg of corruption, crimes and wrongs. May I suggest that the nation and our Opposition MPs can be easily overwhelmed by the volume, range and complexity of crimes, improprieties, and illegalities committed by Voreqe’s regime since the stole power in Dec 2006. If we are not careful, many can go crazy just like Voreqe. There is just so much to deal with and talk about. We must be wise, smarter and more practical and positive in our approach to this whole agenda of unravelling the evils of Voreqe’s regime. The deeper and more robust our efforts to investigate and obtain the truth, the greater the evil nature of it all can affect us and our MPs. To effectively perform their role and help us restore the credibility of Government,our national sanity and international standing, It is absolutely critical that our MPs prioritise their activities and avoid being scattered about with their attacks and initiatives.

    Apart from the establishment of a Shadow Govt, they must agree on a Strategic Plan and work consistently to meet their goals. Each MP will then have their own activities clearly outlined for them. With an excellent person like Mick Beddoes at their office, I am confident the nation can depend on them to set things straight and get Fiji back to normalcy and beyond. They must not, allow Khaiyum and Voreqe to dictate terms to them. They must not put themselves in a position where Khaiyum decides what they do, say and react. They must be absolutely clear about what and who they are and their primary roles are and their accountabilities are to the people. They are not accountable to neither Khaiyum nor the Government, but to God and the people. It is from the people they obtained their right to govern. It is to the people they owe their allegiance and loyalty. It is also to God whom we shall all give account for all that we are, privately and publicly.

    May I also remind us that running our country is not the exclusive right and role of Government. We gave that privilege to them to serve us, but we must never abdicate our responsibility to always run our lives based on values and principles of righteousness and responsibility to God and to one another. We owe it to ourselves to tell our MPs what we think is right and good and just and honourable. We must also tell them Yes and No wherever and whenever that is necessary. We must remind Khaiyum and Voreqe that they are accountable to us the people. They are also ultimately accountable to the God of heaven and earth. In the final analysis, all of us will have to make full account of our lives, whether we like it, believe it, or not. That is the absolute truth. Vinaka.

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