Auditor General socks it to the military

The Auditor General’s report that the RFMF overspent by $45.5 m in 2007 is no surprise but his statement that “Excessive over-expenditures are a clear indication of mismanagement of public funds and ignorance of standing financial instructions” is a bold statement. This is strong stuff from the Auditor General.

Fiji Times 22 October 2014 Military overspends


One Response to “Auditor General socks it to the military”

  1. MUkesh Says:

    No one is above the law of the land. Since 1987 the Fiji Military put themselves above law and their annual spending over runs its budget.
    Question need to be asked why the military is under budgeting and secondly why no action is been taken for over spending.
    There is no need for military to maintain law and order as this is Police’s responsibility.
    The Fijian Military man force number has been increased significantly, and many are deployed overseas, question need to be asked why reserve officers are roaming around in camp and not sent home
    Unless Auditor General and Finance Ministry comes strong, the military’s spending will over-run its budget

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