Rosie should worry about her own job

Our new Minster for Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation Rosy Akbar thinks Biman won’t be able to do his job because he thinks mistakenly poverty is a problem in Fiji. She ought to worry about what she’s going to do and forget about nitpicking things Biman is reported to have said. She got off to bad start saying she’d have to miss Parliament to go and listen to people, even though she’d just finished 6 weeks of campaigning. How long before Frank starts to regret appointing her?

Fijilive October 21, 2014 Akbar wonders whether Biman can do his job.

6 Responses to “Rosie should worry about her own job”

  1. Mouth piece Ministers Says:

    Come on, we all know who runs the show and who makes decison in Government. Doesnt her style ring a bell-havent we heard similar comments about Biman during election, by someone who prides himslef as a smart ass hole. Remember, the government has ‘handpicked’ the team so that they can use them as Aiyaaz’s mouthpiece. The same will be heard from others-just wait and see. After all how can someone with just over 800 votes suddenly begin making such comments eh!

  2. LOSALINI Says:

    people will be hearing the same style of comments from the FF ministers because they are ordered to do so. just a bunch of parrots repeating after their master. va madua sara ga!

  3. jemesaa Says:

    The job of the opposition is to criticise. The job of the govt is to criticise the opposition.

    The job of the opposition is to throw the negatives. The job of the govt is to make the opposition negative.

    However, I beg to differ on the issue of number of votes rosy got and the fact she is in parliament. That was the rules that all parties new before the election. NFP would have no seats if the election was held under the old rules. Secondly, PM got 200,000 pls votes. How many seats is he entitle to relative to others?

  4. no choice Says:

    jemsee..its not about knowledge of election rules that matters…these rules were rigged in favour of the party and not in favour of peoples choice. the people had these rigged rules thrusted upon them so they have every right to protest.

  5. jemesaa Says:

    Thank you no-choice.

    I did not support FF but till date there has been no hard evidence of vote rigging.

    I do think that Rosy is doing a great job but still way off dr Jiko.

    Biman is in the opposition and its his job to be heard. If he wants to score points and criticise others, he should take it on the chin when it comes back to him.

    I do feel for sodelpa as I think Ro kepa is not getting the right political advice. She need to kick Mick out.

  6. no choice Says:

    I’m not talking about vote rigging. What I’m talking about is a flawed system. But i guess you’re right in that most of the ordinary people are not too concerned about the legalities but only the bread and butter issues. Until u can get into power you cannot correct those illegalities. Mik is too caught up in the legalities and I guess you are right there.

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