Our award-winning Police

Did someone say that Fiji Police Force was one of the winners of the PM’s service excellence awards, which provoked an outpouring of rage on another blogsite. So what are the facts if we look at crime statistics? All of the offences of house breaking and burglary have been rearranged through definition changes, so it’s hard to make comparisons, but some of the basics of crime are very easy to see. Theft went from 3492 cases a year in 2006 to 7321 in 2012. Most shocking of all are the increases in rape – 162 to 448. Another category called “other offences against public morality” went from 349 in 2006 to 2153 in 2012. Who knows wat that is, but it doesn’t sound good. Crime is still a problem, despite the promise to crack down in the years after the coup in 2006 and all the human righs abuses that followed. Since that failed, let’s hope Bainimarama and Khaiyum are willing to let the professional policeman now in charge in the FPF try professional policing instead thuggery.

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