Selective facts on investment

Shaheen Ali, head of Ministry of Trade, is boasting that last year total investment was 29 per cent of GDP last year and that’s fantastic, but half of it is borrowing that will have to be paid back with interest. That’s not so fantastic.

Fiji Times October 18, 2014 Investments reflect positive growth

3 Responses to “Selective facts on investment”

  1. Saunivalu Says:

    These idiots are making comments on issues they have no understanding of or have not a clue of what its about. Shaheen Ali is a fool who has no grasp of the intricacies of any finance Portfolios and differences between Investments and borrowed money….A Keystone government is all I see

  2. kainoqu Says:

    That is the line they have been instructed to hoodwink the ignorant peasants with! Telling peasants who are happy with handouts today that investments have grown, when it is nothing but borrowed monies for their children and grandchildren to pay in the future is the best that Baikhai can do for now. Its all about deception folks. As long as the people keep believing the stories or want to believe in it without finding the truth, the nation is heading nowhere but regression and poorer living standards. Shaheen Ali is merely the mouthpiece for lies today who will not be paying for this tomorrow!

  3. LOSALINI Says:

    we all know who is putting all these words in the ffp ministers’ mouths. khaiyum is the true master of fiji. bainimarama and the others are all just following orders.

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