Mere decides to speak for herself

After being ‘quoted’ by the malicious rumour mongers of Coconut Wireless, the new Lands Minister, Mere Vuniwaqa, has decided to speak for herself, and she hasn’t pulled any punches. She wants to transform her ministry into “an efficient, professional, compassionate and transparent arm of the Fijian Government.”

In other words she’s admitting that the Lands Department is not efficient, is not transparent and is not professional. She’s admitted “past mistakes caused by corrupt practices and lack of respect for human dignity, equality, basic fairness and good governance”.

And let’s remember who was running this for the past 7 (soon to be 8) years. And let’s also remember who Frank put in charge of the Lands Department for a time – Neumi Leweni – someone who has no known skills in land management, valuation, law or speech in the English language.

This is strong stuff, and it makes us wonder why Lands Department was given charge of the Land Bank which has total control over Native Land.

Fijilive October 19, 2014 Vuniwaqa aims to transform ministry

7 Responses to “Mere decides to speak for herself”

  1. Robin Irwin Says:

    Her next moce needs to be Labasa office where a major tourism project is about to falter due to inefficiency and possible corruption

  2. Begg Says:

    The new Divisional in Labasa Ashish is another further to the hat – most corrupt person. I have seen him taking bribe from a lawyer in Labasa to issue him lease for a land which is still before the court

  3. Ratu meli vunivalu Bau USA Says:

    Pliz can somebody pay for her face makeover

  4. land grabber Says:

    and brain makeover too…a bit lacking in the experience side too…is she saying that she cannot over rule the tltb on native lands rented under the land bank decree???

  5. LOSALINI Says:

    my blood boils when I keep hearing this same bullshit comments by the FF ministers that past governments are responsible for corrupt practices, lack of respect for human dignity, equality, basic fairness and good governance”. don’t you know that your dictator and Ayarse are the two that have ruled Fiji for the last 8 years? Mere is pointing the finger at them.

    • Saunivalu Says:

      Losalini, A clear indication that these idiots can not think for themselves yet, they bring up excuses or arguments to make them look like they are doing something good. They have the same mentality of those that voted them into power. They don’t have the Vision to take Fiji forward, nor do they have the skills and ability to bring to the surface the real issues that would have an impact on Fiji as a Nation. They don’t have the knowledge or even little of it. Fiji don’t need these good for nothing to govern her. Fiji need a just and fair election so that the people can be well informed of who and what they are voting for. The last election was far from being fair but cherished by corrupt business men and women and the ill informed of the majority of Fiji, Fiji needs good visionary people ad not egotistical government she has on the helm.

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