Good news – Biman to head PAC

The news that Professor Biman Prasad will head the Public Accounts Committee which is charged with going over all the detail of the Auditor-General’s report from 2007 to 2013 is the best news we’ve had for a while. He’s got the skills to tell us what the Audit report tells us but more importantly, to tell us what they don’t tell us.
Fiji Times October 18, 2013 Biman gets nod

5 Responses to “Good news – Biman to head PAC”

  1. Ateca. V Says:

    Hmm one cannot help but wonder how much has been hidden away and how much ‘cooking the books’ has happened in the last 8 years before Biman was given the nod. Aunty Nur has had a LOT of time to squirrel away and delete any tracks by now. Good luck with your forensics Biman !

  2. tualeita Says:

    You’re right @Ateca V. Taxpayers are very much in the dark about how much of their funds went to Aunty Nur since she came into the scene as using these funds to pay the ministers of the illegal regime. Why weren’t they paid directly by the Finance Ministry and/or from the Government Treasury like all other Civil Servants.

  3. Mukesh Says:

    Readers and bloggers, please don’t get carried away that Biman being professor in economics will be able to get the true information from the Auditor General’s report. Biman or other expert will only be able to comment on what is being reported in the report. Looking from the systematic cover up since 2006, I don’t think the report will reflect accurate picture, considering that only selected personnel were been chosen for the position, including that of Auditor General’s. Or if one already warming the chairs than they chose to ride with the wind
    Books are already being cooked, eaten, and digested. The tabling of auditor General’s report is just normality.

  4. sainiana Says:

    Sodelpa made big mistake to give it to Biman. They should have given it to Aseri Rodrodro. This will be bous points for NFP and negative points for sodelpa.

  5. Mukesh Says:

    Sainiana – you have not grown up. There is no bonus point to gain or lose. Main thing is to make government accountable. Indigenous Fijians please change your thoughts or else based on the current constitution you guys will be big losers.
    Ro Taimumu is herself a bad leader whose mentality is same is yours.

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