Seruiratu’s agricultural dream

In his maiden speech, the new Agriculture minister, Inia Seruiratu, has painted a rosy picture of what he’s going to do to boost agricultural output but he should have started with the facts of how much agricultural output has declined under Bainimarama. Rice went from 14370 tonnes a year in 2007 to 7914 tonnes in 2011. The Bureau of stats have published no new figures for the years after that. Goat production has slumped from 969 tonnes to 134 tonnes. Copra and coca have almost disappeared altogether. Most agricultural products have shrunk, with chicken and egg production the only products to have increased and kept pace with population growth. And this is because all the people who used to like beef and goat every now and then can no longer afford the luxury.

Fijilive October 16, 2014 Unlock potential, reduce import bills: Seruiratu

4 Responses to “Seruiratu’s agricultural dream”

  1. Joe Black Says:

    this guy would not know if a banana was up his bum he is just useless

    short black and fat with a big mouth that spews bullshit

    ask his couisin manasa vaniqi all from the same bullshit family

  2. sugarman Says:

    Yes Joe Black, I totally agree with you. Lip service is best service. Whatever make him feel hero, but we all know he is zero.

  3. Keep The Faith Says:

    Indeed. Big on personality but sorely lacking in ability and output.

    As the former Commissioner Northern he was there when $260million was channelled into the North as part of their “Look North” exercise. What was the return on investment that should have contributed to our GDP apart from handouts and intensive vote-buying?—OPENING-SPEECH—WAINIKORO-ROA.aspx

  4. Muki Says:

    There will not be any significant improvements unless there is cultural change with people. Cultural do no mean religion, race, sex, or creed, it means commitments from heart.

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