Ro Teimumu and Bai’s salary

On their election TV debate Bainimarama criticised Ro Teimumu for not being able to prove the huge salary claimed by blog sites for most of his time as Interim PM, but his 217% increase made after he’d won the election certainly makes if look like there must have been some truth in the claims. Why did he need to increase his salary by so much? Was it to make up for losing more than one salary?

Fijilive October 14, 2014 Kepa slams 217% pay rise for PM, 197% for AG

3 Responses to “Ro Teimumu and Bai’s salary”

  1. LOSALINI Says:

    That TV interview where Bai lashed out at Ro Teimumu about the lies being written about his salary is still vivid in our minds. Now he has DA on his face for decreeing himself a 217% salary He is a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR!

  2. mukesh Says:

    Taimumu is very weak leader, has not grown up and still having grass root Fijian mentality.
    She could not perform in her debate with Bainimarama, I don’t know what Fijians qualities Fijian and SODELPA saw on her.
    Because of those qualities Bainimarama choosing to have debate with her and not other like Biman or MP Chaudhry.
    It would be good ride to the government and opposition will ask Biman for support

  3. Tomasi Says:

    @Mukesh, if you cannot see the real character of Voreqe, I am not surprised that you are blind to see the good qualities of Ro Teimumu. You make observations on the two people based on your own character. That tells us that you are as foolish, stupid and blind as the moron whom you idolise. Return to your nest and ask get more training and education on leadership, character, courtesy, sincerity, humility, patience, goodness, love, kindness, honesty, truth, justice and democracy. The more you speak, the more you display your personality, common sense and good character or the lack of it.

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