Khaiyum claims the dyslexic vote

Khaiyum has claimed that if 4000 odd voters had not mistaken 297 for 279 in the recent election the NFP would have been wiped out in the elections. NFP’s Prem Singh, struck back and said the 4000 votes would have made no difference to the percentage of votes received by the NFP. Khaiyum can’t count. But Khaiyum’s biggest mistake is to assume that this one number confusion is only one anyone could have made. Many other people could have made similar mistakes under the electoral system that Khaiyum imposed. In any election system there are swings and roundabouts – you lose some votes here – and pick them up somewhere else. Khaiyum shouldn’t be trying to have it both ways. Is he claiming that Frank is the natural candidate for the dyslexic voter?

Fijilive October 16, 2014 NFP takes a swipe at A-G, defends seats

7 Responses to “Khaiyum claims the dyslexic vote”

  1. LOSALINI Says:

    I salute you Mr Prem Singh for your courage to stand up to this arrogant monkeyfaced AG.

  2. Mukesh Says:

    Khaiyum is not telling public how they manipulated the vote counting in choosing who should enter parliament. It was his voice to enter Perm Singh into parliament, he is trying to fool people that election result is fair. It happens only in Fiji, now so idiot is saying Fiji is going to be hub of Pacific, another illusion. When I was in secondary school my teacher used to say ‘if wishes were horses than beggars would ride’. It didn’t meant much in those days, but it is now becoming much clearer.

  3. totalram Says:

    NFP would be without a seat if the elections was held under the previous system.

    Still no evidence of rigging of election.

    NFP’s so called “friendship” with sodelpa will hurt its chances in the next election.

    • Keep The Faith Says:

      What kind of friendship would that be totalram? They are not in a formal coalition. They are just in Opposition together and they have to work closely together simply because SODELPA is the leader of Opposition. Do you know how these things work or not?

  4. muki Says:

    Totalram, total fool

  5. avatar Says:

    Our beloved nation is now condemned to the point where people who were elected with only 800 plus votes are now Ministers of Government and trusted to make decisions on matters of national, regional and international importance
    Fiji Leaks has revealed the real reason for the 2006 Coup in spite of what we had been told to believe. Frank,Natuva, Naupoto and Teleni really have a lot of explaining to do. Removing corruption was just a smokescreen. God’s plan will always triumph in the end.

  6. Tomasi Says:

    Thank you Avatar and friends. The truth will eventually be told. Secrets will ultimately be revealed. Our freedom will be restored if we continue to fight against those that actively seek to enslave and rob and exploit us through their various evil schemes.

    We have been trying to inform our people about Voreqe’s real and true story and the people that support him from behind the shadows. Andrew Hughes, our former Com Pol had alluded to this. Behind the smokescreens and facades and masks are the truth and realities so long hidden from public view. The muzzled press was there for a reason; to prevent the truth from coming out, to keep our people ignorant and dumb, to make the people believe in the lies and deceit of this evil cabal.

    Parliament must be the venue and the stage for making those critical decisions that affect our people, today and our succeeding generations. Our MPs must stand up, speak up, and discuss the events of 2006 and all that has happened since then. Because everyone is equal under the law, each one must be accountable for his or her actions. Each must face the consequences of their actions in a proper court of law. Let us hope that our Parliament will pass the test and convince us that we are truly on the way to a true democracy where justice, freedom, truth and righteousness shall be the foundation of our lives and our government.

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