Qetaki to be put down


Having been kept on a very short lead attached to a barb-wire choke collar, like some sad old dog that’s outlived its usefulnees, Alipate Qetaki is finally going to be put down. His term at the TLTB has been marked by a complete lack of achievement. Bainimarama did not want the TLTB to be reformed but he did not dare abolish it, so he left Qetaki in charge of a rotting corpse. He created his Land Bank but left the TLTB going until the election. Now with his election win we’ll see what he plans to do. The first step is putting down the tired old mangy mutt. What will the next step be?

Fijilive October 14, 2014 Qetaki’s term has ended: Bainimarama

One Response to “Qetaki to be put down”

  1. Keep The Faith Says:

    Sayonara. Not an ounce of pity for Qetaki whatsoever. He bent over backwards repeatedly content to undermine his own credibility for Bainimarama’s favour, and it now appears that he is about as useful to Bainimarama as yesterday’s trash.

    Hopefully the newly installed FF MP puppets are taking note as this is also their destiny because only Khaiyum will determine their longevity in parliament. You only have to recall Koya being sidelined from being Attorney General even after he was formally sworn in with the Attorney General portfolio. Koya and Khaiyum are supposed to be tight. Who needs enemies when you have friends like Khaiyum right?

    The word on the grapevine is that Qetaki’s replacement will be a muslim gent.

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