Nasty whispers corner

Jyoti Pratibha has been at it again in her nasty whispers corner. Her article ‘Putting Service to Work for Public’ again makes sinister hints that the Government will be taking the knife to the civil service to remove anyone they think stands in their way. Everyone expects it to be a Khaiyum hit-list but Jyoti hints that new Lands Minister Mereseini Vuniwaqa has been whispering in her malignant ear, claiming she’s already made it known she’s not impressed by some of the workings of the Lands Department. Jyoti then points her at the Lautoka office, which she says is “known for all the wrong reasons” and “sticks out like a sore thumb”.

One Response to “Nasty whispers corner”

  1. Rohit Mani Says:

    Actually I have also noticed that Lands Department in Lautoka is in a big mess. You go there in the afternoon, you will see children of staff members are playing games on office PC.

    Another observation, there is someone called Vikash Rao who refuses to see clients right on the face of it. It’s time the Minister should kick this bloody south indian out because he is taking salary just for sitting there.

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