Konrote admits Air Pacific was almost bankrupt

The Fiji Sun was trying to do the Government a favour with a story on Fiji Airways and how well it is doing now but they let slip that Air Pacific was on the brink of bankruptcy before the Bainimarama intervention. Is that so? Does anyone remember the finances of Air Pacific being made public? The A330’s are all owned by a mysterious Irish company, so who knows what’s happening?

Fiji Sun 15 October 2014 ‘National interest comes first: Konrote’


2 Responses to “Konrote admits Air Pacific was almost bankrupt”

  1. saunivalu Says:

    Correct me if I am wrong. Is WAQAVUKA a shelf company owned by a Mysterious person currently owns Fiji Airways until such times when all the Fiji Airways debt are paid off in full with hefty interests??????.

  2. avatar Says:

    Let us hope the Opposition will start asking the right questions that I am sure they will do, to throw some light on this Waqavuka company mystery in Belfast Ireland…of all places!! soon we will find out who are the real players are and also it’s beneficiaries..

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