Some good words from Bainimarama

FDN is ‘frankly’ surprised by some of Bainimarama’s opening words in the new Parliament. He asks his opposition to work with him, to cooperate in building a better Fiji, and he accepts that they have a right to critique his policies. These are good words and different to many of the statements he’s uttered in the past. Let’s hope he means it, but keep these words handy to throw back at him if he forgets.

Fiji Times October 14, 2014 PM invites Kepa

8 Responses to “Some good words from Bainimarama”

  1. kainoqu Says:

    Indeed – we shall wait and see. Better to be sceptical than to embrace the invitation of working together and critiquing Baikhai’s policies with open arms and to find out later that one is merely used to strenghten the unscrupulous, scheming dictats of the regime! Is this not the ploy that was used to get eveyone coming together for a constitutional review that only ended up with Baikhai’s own constitution? Is this not the ploy that was used to get people coming together on a charter to build a better Fiji that only ended up in a Fiji for Baikhai? Is this not the same ploy that was used on people to support a coup that was premised on fighting corruption but ended up being a coup to immunise Baikhai from crimes against the people? Is this not the ploy that was used to entice people to an election that ended up being the most unfair and unfree election and also gave Baikhai the mandate to rule? Come On Fiji… is time to wake up from your slumber and smell the coffee! Democracy needs attention and scrutiny of the wise to guard, not the ignorant and corrupted mind of the hostaged, who are dependent on the handouts of the ruler. Be very weary of what is happening to the nation and the way it is affecting citizens’ dignity. The scheming of Baikhai will be ever so scrupulous, now that it has mandate to run and given past record of Baikhai’s ploys, it is better to stand guard then to regret having accepted the invitation of working together and critiquing their policies!

  2. Tomasi Says:

    Well said Kainoqu. With the reputation of consistent lies and deceit, we the people must be wise and more discerning when this administration speaks. We must always see whether their actions follow their words. Action speaks louder and clearer than words. “For you shall know them by their fruits” the Bible warns us.

    As Parliament continues to sit, revelations will also unfold. For more than seven long years, Bai and Khai have lorded it over us with absolute impunity and no transparency and accountability. They were dictating to us in the truest sense of the word. But over the last few days, I am sure the realisation is dawning on Bai and Khai that at last, they will have to draw the curtain of lies and secrecy and deceit and allow the people and the world to have a peek into their chamber of secrets. As the Bible so powerfully declared, “Whatever is hidden shall be exposed over the rooftops”. How profoundly true that will be and great is our God.

    After listening to a few opposition speakers, Bai and Khai must have been wondering what else will the other MPs say. This is only the beginning of an interesting chapter in our political life as a nation. The debates will be even fierce and revealing. Bai and Khai are trying to appear accommodating and friendly, but appearance can be deceiving. I am anxious to hear what Ratu Naiqama, Prof Biman, Tupou Draunidalo and Ratu Jone Kubuabola will say in their maiden speeches. It will be interesting to hear also from the other Government MPs, especially Brig Konrote. Ro Teimumu has already started off well by pointing out various issies about our political history ( Deed of Cession), scholarships and exams ( Education Policies & Human Resource Planning).

    Bill Gavoka has created a stir amongst the BaiKhai bench when he emphatically reminded the Government and the whole nation about our faith, tourism and employment policies. He did not mix his words on localisation of positions and said that there are too many expatriates in Fiji. Niko Nawaikula has again repeated his analysis about the desecration of our indigenous identity, rights, culture and traditions. He listed the 17 decrees and explained how they have systematically robbed the indigenous people of Viti kei Rotuma of most of the things that we treasure. Please go to Parliament whenever you can and have a listen and observe the dynamics. These are only the appetizers, a foretaste of greater things to come.

    Finally, what I find most gratifying is the positivity of the Opposition members. Niko even said while he hated the administration ( meaning Bai and Khai) for what they have done, he still found the grace to say that he was willing to forgive them if they humbly admit their wrongs and seek our forgiveness. What a wonderful future we can have if we learn to admit our wrongs, learn from our lapses and choose to live better lives. I guess, this is one reason for us to have these social networking sites. While we condemn the evil and unscrupulous actions of BaiKhai regime, we must find it in our hearts to forgive them, if and only if they are humble enough to admit their wrongs and turn from their wicked ways.

    Thank you Editor for your vision and contribution to help us make our country a better place for all. Thank you Kainoqu, Tualeita, Dredd, Saunivalu, Rt Sai, Navosavakadua, and many other friends for being resolute and firm in the principles we believe in. Much of our growth as a person will come through hardships and challenges. Let us embrace these and know that we will be better, stronger and wiser because of them. This is true for us personally, and it is also true for us as a nation. May god bless our new leaders. may God bless our Fiji. Vinaka.

  3. Illuminati Says:

    no wonder the country doesnt get anywhere…always willing to forgive and forget…whats the point of having laws…remember this is a secular state not a christian church state…so forgiveness is not allowed…only excused if allowed by the secular law…otherwise must be punished by the secular law…all these opposition deadbeats do nothing but tough talk..lots of hot air…definitely please God save the people from these bunch of criminals..

  4. saunivalu Says:

    Expect nothing less from the self appointed Thug of a Prime Minister. As the last 8 years proved That he forced everyone else to work with him, he leads and everyone else follows.

    Now He is again asking all to WORK WITH HIM… He showed no flexibility, accountability and considerations of others who may have a different views than his…given that they have the right to voice their issues in parliament …. Nothing change…Oh Poor Fiji..

  5. avatar Says:

    Bai invites the Opposition to work with him and says they have a right to critique his policies is simply a load of rubbish!!!! Just look at the way he lashed out at Niko’s speech recently.It just shows how he did not even understand his own speech that was written by someone else and simply and reacting to the body language expressed by his bodyguards and not listening to better advice from someone who understood the full context of Niko’s speech.

  6. Tomasi Says:

    @Avatar, Frank suffered from some kind of mental trauma as a result of the whistling bullets and his frantic dash for his life during the CRW crisis that he caused in 2000. Ever since then, he has never been the same. He urgently and seriously needs medical help. This is not a good state since people have used him to advance their own interests at the expense of the nation. Imagine him becoming a pawn in the hands of mafia or triad type of people. Not to mention our own local brand of Fijian Mafia who have been blinded by power, greed and selfishness.

    It is so tragic and dangerous for us to continue to have him as the PM in that mental state. If we are really honest, we will admit that he has continued to deteriorate as a person, leader and professional. His words and actions consistently shows he is not OK and he desperately needs attention. He constantly contradicts himself, embarrasses himself and our nation and threatens people’s lives and well being. Voreqe is a liability to us as a nation and must be quarantined for his own good and for ours. Any delay on that front will only cause greater tragedies to people, families and the nation.

    Given the above, I humbly repeat my suggestion. That his FFP MPs facilitate Voreqe’s medical leave, isolation and professional care. The other option is for the Opposition to move a motion to the same effect asap. This is not an option, it is matter of national emergency, security and well being.

  7. avatar Says:

    Totally agree with you Tomasi. Ronald Reagan was referred to during the closing months of his stint at the White as the ”
    Altered Statesman” because of his failing mental composure.But he had fully earned it to be called a Statesman because of his overall performance as President of the United States.What has Bai done for Fiji? and already we are seeing the signs of someone in serious need of mental attention.We hear disturbing stories from close aides and bodyguards that he often wets and even shits in his pants when heavily intoxicated. It has happened many times in Fiji a few times during overseas tours also.It will only become worse if not addressed now.
    The recent elections has given Bai the mandate because the people have elected him to be the prime minister Therefore he should be acting like someone who can be trusted to lead our nation. His recent media outbursts still reveal the state of mind of a person who has not changed at all from being a dictator to an elected leader.

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