Pipe dreams

Abdul Khan is talking up huge expansion plans which he says are in the “pipeline”. A $132 million cogeneration plant at Rarawai mill? A sugar refinery for $56 million? Where do these cost estimates come from? Are they from investors the Government has been talking to? A chinese company that was in the country earlier this year? We all know FSC is bankrupt and no-one other than FNPF would lend them money, so who is going to bankroll all of these pipedreams? Whose pipeline are they in?

Fiji Times October 14, 2014 Sugar industry diversification plans in the pipeline

3 Responses to “Pipe dreams”

  1. kainoqu Says:

    This is why the report of government finances must be regularly presented for public scrutiny. With promises and plans aired like this without people knowing how they are funded and what that means to their cost of living and financial wellbeing, Fiji is drawn into a state of accepting whatever the Baikhai govt does without having any say in it! That is basically a dictatorship, not democracy. You may have had an election that has simply given Baikhai mandate to rule dictatorially and not democratically!

  2. Sugarman Says:

    The other end of pipeline to go into Abdul Khan’s asshole

  3. Tomasi Says:

    Very true and pertinent comments Kainoqu. Vinaka

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