He’s helped him stay out of court, will he now help him find the right Magistrate?

He’s helped him stay out of court, will he now help him find a magistrate?

It will be 12 months after the tragic death of 48 year old Puna Chand at Teidamu near Lautoka last year before the driver of the car that hit him faces a court. Praveen Kumar Bala is now the Minister for Local Government and is occupied in parliament, so it’s clear he couldn’t attend court this time, but why didn’t he face the court before this? Is he waiting to find the right Magistrate? And leaving that in the hands of his good friend?

Radio Fiji News 14 October 2014 Court Defers Bala’s Plea

4 Responses to “He’s helped him stay out of court, will he now help him find the right Magistrate?”

  1. kainoqu Says:

    They have truly turned the nation into a banana republic….Thanks to the Baikhai vision for a better Fiji!

  2. Muki Says:

    When is this man going behind bar, Praveen Bala. Also, I request an honourable solicitor to take the families case so that the family get some compensation.

  3. Tomasi Says:

    Yes Kainoqu and Muki. The lawyers must have been at the forefront of our nation’s fight for the maintenance and restoration of democracy/ The deafening silence of our law-yers implies both the serious threat they feel for their lives and financial well being, and the general moral decline that has affected our nation since 1987. Pakistan comes to our mind here, where the legal fraternity united and stood up to those in control. Underlying their fight is the fact that legality and morality go hand in hand and that without truth, justice and fairness, law becomes meaningless except to serve the interests and agenda of those in power.

  4. Mukesh Says:

    Tomasi, The problem in Fiji is that there is ethics, morality and humanity is least of concern amount the professionals. These only applicable to lower end in society.
    There has been many offenses, including many minor than what Praveen had committed, and the persons who had carried out those offenses have been severely dealt with and some imprisoned.
    Question to be asked why Bainimarama chose to have blind eye, while at the same time going out and telling nation to call him direct if their problems are not been attended by government officials.

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