The Anglican Church and the Kiribati land deal

Does anyone begrudge Kiribati ownership of a big slice of land in Vanua Levu? Is the price fair? Who knows, but the $15.3 million paid make it seems like the land is productive. However, US investigative journalist, Christopher Pala, said he visited Natoavatu Estate and found two thirds of it was covered by impenetrable forest and the rest was an abandoned coconut plantation where some 270 Solomon Islanders practice subsistence agriculture. Is it any different to thousands hectares of under-utilized land all over Fiji? Why can’t all the idle land be utilised for the benefit of the whole nation?

Fiji Times October 13, 2014 Church, Kiribati agree to $15.3m land value

18 Responses to “The Anglican Church and the Kiribati land deal”

  1. Tomasi Says:

    On the value of the land and the price, I think it is conventional that the only two parties to decide those are the seller ( Anglican Church) and the buyer ( Kiribati Government. We the observers or third parties have no say at all but may watch them quietly. As to whether or not the land should be sold out side Fiji, again the relevant legislations will decide that. As it is freehold land, it may be totally subject to open market operations and anyone on planet earth can express his/her interest on that patch of earth and water. Unless some aliens from outer space or inner space express an interest , then maybe it is wise for the Lands Minister to meet their UFO at Udu Point and to find out what their real motives are. The RFMF Commander must also be ready for such an event for it can be potentially as risky as the Sinai mission. The only difference is that our soldiers shall be kidnapped beyond the clouds and left to float out there like Digicel satellites.

    As for the benefits, oh surely. The beneficiaries are the people of Kiribati, the Anglican Church, and the people of Fiji. The whole human race will also benefit from such a free and fair exchange between two island neighbours. It shows the world that we still care about each other and it is something we not only talk about but actually live it. Maybe China and Taiwan can learn a lesson or two. Even our cousin Putin can learn some basic good manners and stop invading Ukraine and his other neighbours. Heaven will also be very pleased. So by all measures, it seems like a wonderful trade that benefits everyone. It is the Pacific Way. It is also the right thing to do. Vinaka.

  2. LOSALINI Says:

    Many many years ago, this big chunk of land belonged to a Fijian Tribe who were hoodwinked by clever anglican missionaries to sell it to them for peanuts. Today, most of the tribe descendents still live in poverty while the anglican church gets $15.3million and the land will be inhabited by foreign islanders. Isa, ko Viti…

  3. Tomasi Says:

    Well that is another dimension Losalini and thank you for raising it. We understand your sentiments. If true, it is nothing new and uncommon. So many of our islands and best patches of patches of turf were the subject of scandalous transactions. All of us have heard of land being traded for muskets, blankets, smoking pipes and even cigars. The world was different then and our forefathers were trying to manage change without having had any school or tertiary training. They did anyway and in the only way they knew.

    Mago went to Boron, with not even a single farthing changing hands, according to the people of Namalata Village, who the original owners of the island. That exchange should have been a part of the history of exploitation by the settlers from across the seas. The inhabitants were persuaded to take refuge in a cave. At dusk, they were instructed to light their lamp. Only that it was dynamite, not a lantern. But how would they have known that a few sticks of nothing could explode and transform everything around it to nothing.

    Through God’s grace, the few survivors “swam” for their lives across the sea and found solid ground at a beach in Vanua Balavu. Their descendants now live at Namalata on just a few acres of land and mangrove beach. Each day, they would look across the ocean and catch a glimpse of their island. But it is not their island anymore.

    I retell the story to remind us about a tragic truth that history is repeating itself. Today, Boron is only a memory, but we have some new settlers who are making claims and stealing our rights to our lives, our identity, our culture, our freedoms, our rights and our lands, beaches, fishing rights and our freedom to worship our God. Boron did it cunningly and succeeded. Khaiyum and Voreqe and their cabal are doing it blatantly in our very faces and are telling us that it is very good for the new Fiji. In fact, they have convinced many of our “islanders” and original inhabitants that we should let them have everything and we must just shut up and do as they say or else we will be tortured, murdered or roughed up. There was a “general meeting” (election) called to decide our fate. A huge number of our people agreed with the cunning duo. Even our warriors and protectors (Batis) waved their guns at our heads, forcing many to say “IO SAKA RATU VOREQE, IO SAKA RATU KHAIYUM”

    But unlike the people of Namalata, this story has just begun. But unlike Eveli, Vore and Bhai, I do not think we have seen a new dawn. Rather, we have just witnessed a repeat of history. Indigenous Fijians are now being cunningly persuaded to take shelter in their cave and wait for sundown. When it gets dark, we will light our lamp. I am truly sorry to say that the historical but unrecorded event at Mago hundreds of years ago will now be part of Fiji’s saddest recorded event. The darker the day, the greater the demand for light in the Fijian cave. Expect an explosion that will transform our landscapes.

    As I have said many times, there are human laws and decrees. There are also divine laws and decrees. Of all people, Gates, Shameem and Khaiyum should have known better not to trample on God’s laws. They should know that no amount of lawmaking and decree writing will elevate them to beings gods, only dogs. On the contrary, they deliberately and consciously desecrate our land by defying the divine and morals of human conduct. They have treated us citizens with the utmost arrogance, indifference and absolute impunity. They will have to account for their sacrilegious actions someday. That day is coming sooner rather than later. The day will get darker and the fuse will be lit and there will be the EXPLOSION they they so wrongly assumed would never come. Oh how sadly mistaken they have been. A bunch of moral deviants and evil cunning despicable hearts. Mark my words, they will answer to GOD, and that day is coming. That my friends will mark a new beginning and will teach our leaders a valuable lesson in humility, love, truth and justice for all. Vinaka.

  4. Keep The Faith Says:

    Absolutely nothing wrong with helping our Pacific neighbours out. In fact it should be commended.

    What is not altogether clear is Kiribati’s intentions. If its for farming purposes – great. But given that the i Kiribati only know atoll living, acclimatisation to soil could be a steep learning curve. If its to start resettling people here.. weell a national conversation is necessary because any infrastructural developments (water, electricity, roads, school, health centre) for the new imports comes out of Fiji taxpayers pockets. As it is the State is struggling to provide clean running water to its current populace.

    More importantly, it is anticipated that what appears to be a private transaction between another sovereign island government and the Anglican church should deliver some essential tax revenue to the government coffers and hopefully this is all appropriately reported in the Auditor General’s report.

  5. Keep The Faith Says:

    The purchase price from the buyer’s end and as approved by the i-Kiribati parliament in 2012 was AUD$9.3 million:

  6. Oiyawe fakapo Says:

    You’re so full of it.. Tomasi.

    Hve you ever considered the very real possibility that “a moral deviant and evil cunning despicable heart” describes you even better?

    Btw, I was never part of the regime nor am I on board this new administration, and yet it isn’t too hard to see through your manipulative, devious bullsh!t that you conveniently mix with a bit of truth in your attempt to give it a credible cover.

    Go to hell..

  7. Tomasi Says:

    @Fakapo, I am not perfect and am willing to learn from my mistakes. But please do not condemn me without proper cause. Please tell me in what issues and instance have I not been truthful and how is it that I have been cunning and despicable. Please tell me I beg you.

    The story about Mago and the original owners of the island was not hearsay. It was narrated to me personally by the elders of Namalata village about 35 years ago. I have since verified their stories from other sources, e.g. National Archives, etc. I am positive that their story as conveyed to them by their ancestors was true.

    As for the nature, character and behaviour of the power couple Bai and Khai, it is public and international knowledge. Anybody with an open mind, pure heart and discerning spirit would be able to find the relevant information, and make their own judgements about who these people are, and what are their real motives as opposed to what they declare to us publicly. With some basic decency, education, intelligence and analysis, people will also know how arrogant, deceitful and demonic these people are. That is my conclusion after observing them for more than seven years. I make no apology for that, because their unilateral decisions also affect me and hundreds of thousands of people and families. It also affect our country and our destiny in more deeper and fundamental ways that many do not realise.

    Finally, a simple observation. You stated you were never part of the regime. Good. But you have judged me so unkindly and even condemned me to hell without giving a single evidence. Have I angered you? My advice to you kind madam/sir is:

    Get rid of hatred and bitterness, they do you more harm than good. There those things in life that can never be recaptured; the spoken word, time passed and opportunities. Do not make decisions when you are angry. Your body knows what you think. From your emotions spring health or illness. Send yourself positive thoughts all the time. Be thoughtful and careful of what comes out of your mouth, since through those words you create your own reality. Surround yourself with light everyday. You have a right to be happy. Vinaka.

  8. Illuminati Says:

    OMG. I think what Fakapo ids saying is that you talk so much crap…lol…and I am having a good laugh too…oi ya we fakapoooooooo….

  9. Illuminati Says:

    and KTF is full of it too…so what if the Kiribati people want to resettle. Just like anyone else they will have to go through the same protocols like all other citizens…and pay for the services…pls dont express opinions on stuff you have no clue about…oiyawe fakapo…pls go and join tomasi’s prayer meeting…..lmho

  10. Tomasi Says:

    @Illuminati, it appears that you know everything about development that you are so very arrogant and proud? Let me tell you what can happen on that particular land transaction.

    1. The land is freehold and it is a private transaction between the buyer and the seller.
    2, The fact that the transaction is taking place implies that Government is aware and has endorsed the proposal. This also means that the relevant ministries and authorities have studied the proposal, made their views known to he Minister/s responsible, and the green light has been given.
    3. The Kiribati Government has already stated that the land in question is earmarked for agriculture and possibly for resettlement purposes.
    4. As usual, public infrastructure will be constructed for its intended purposes. This is not a Government project, it is a private development which will be financed by the Government of Kiribati. The Government of Fiji, through its ministries and departments responsible, shall be working in consultations with the Government of Kiribati so that all stakeholders are satisfied.Fiji is a major beneficiary and partner by hosting it.
    5. Having people settling there means an increase in economic activities in that region. Investing a few millions on very productive activities in Vanua Levu is what we need to stimulate economic development there. The so called Look North Policy calls for that.
    5. That multi million capital injection will result in positive developments for Vanua Levu. It is money from outside coming into Fiji and doing nothing but positive activities and development.
    6. Contrast that to what is happening with our land at Bua where our Chinese friends are mining bauxite. It is far much more beneficial for us to engage with Kiribati in a bilateral and Good Samaritan transaction. The benefits far outweigh the costs if you care to use cost benefit analysis on that.

    So all in all, we stand to benefit tremendously from the proposed development. Economically, socially, politically, the Kiribati proposed development in Vanua Levu is a wonderful idea and an excellent opportunity that will benefit all concerned. Even if we have to bear some costs to make it happen, I still think it would be one of the greatest and positive developments in our region. It is an excellent example of what the world can be and a defining symbol of excellent international relations. The people of Kiribati need it and it will be a great opportunity for us to lend them a hand. I am sure if the tables were turned, we would be grateful if they helped us where no other nation has. “Do unto others what you want others to do unto you”. Its that simple and yet so wonderfully profound. Vinaka.

  11. Illuminati Says:

    tom, you will make a good headmaster for a bunch of monkeys because first you cant read my comments and its context so you can preach to them about conspiracies and jesuit priests in banana land and the monkey would have absolutely no clue at all and bow and kiss your feet, and second, u assume that i am a monkey and telling me the obvious….lol…please!!!!! let me go and have a banana. vinaka.

  12. Tomasi Says:

    @Illuminati, I was trying to figure out what you really wanted to say and what you stand for. From your comments, I can see that you are so proud of yourself and your pride blinds your eyes and deafens your ears. You have not made even a single positive contribution to the subject being discussed and the issues being raised.

    Your insinuation that I want people to kiss my feet reveals more about your own desire for attention and admiration. I do not need that neither do I crave for attention. I am happy and contented as I am. I have devoted a great part of my life to serve my country and our people to the best of my ability in order to worship and glorify God.

    Finally, your rubbishing (dismissal) of the Black Pope and the Jesuits tells me two things. Either you know more about the truth and are trying so desperately to hide and supress it from public knowledge. Or you are completely ignorant and are one of the victims of the global and pervasive schemes and influence of the New World Order. Please wake up, and smell the coffee before that choice escapes you. The truth stands, irrespective of our awareness and our own reactions to it. That you cannot dismiss. Vinaka.

  13. Oiyawe fakapo Says:

    @tomasi – how come you not in Parliament amigo since you know so much stuff? Oh that’s right you never bothered to vote. But no problemo for we all have choices to make. Well, I choose to make this my last post as I’d rather build a democracy post-election.

    Keep up your whining and whinging and endless conspiracy theories out here in cyberspace and let’s see you where that takes you after another 4 years.

    Oh another thing – if you were truly focused on the Light of the World – our Lord Jesus Christ, Savior and Redeemer of Mankind, you would neither be confused nor be sowing devious doubts as could only be taught to you by your Father of Lies, Satan. You poor lost soul. Moce Jo.

  14. Tomasi Says:

    Thank you Fakapo. It is good to talk and listen and learn. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I keep learning new things everyday and I appreciate your honesty and willingness to share. Even though we may disagree on various issues, I hope we will agree that we must try and do our best for our country in whatever way we can. It is unfortunate that our freedom of speech and assembly and such have been removed and we hope that these and our other human rights shall be fully restored and respected. But until then, many of us will speak and share through these blog sites. Please forgive me if I have said something that has hurt you in anyway. That was never my intention. I think we all love our country and our passion comes through in our posts. I wish you well and may the Lord bless you. Vinaka.

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