Gold Coast Glory

For the third time we’ve triumphed at the Gold Coast Sevens and it provided relief from the other doom and gloom. A certain Aussie mate of ours was enjoying a heavy diet of words on Saturday!



One Response to “Gold Coast Glory”

  1. House on Sand Says:

    very sad sight to see kai india draped in full army gear prancing around the gold coast stadium happily beating koida drums and parading as very proud fijians….short memory or convenient memory lapse???. So unashemedly disrespectful of all sufferers of coups…is this the new fiji…being insensitive to suffering simply because of so called equal rights….bai is no benevolent dictator…just wait and see…. a criminal will always be a criminal…you guys condemned rabuka yet hero worshipped bai and washed his dirty feet with gleee, both of whom committed the same crime, whatever the reason for committing it…but worse, bai went further and changed the laws to suit himself and his misguided advisers without the people’s mandate….that cannot be right in any civilised modern society…not a very strong foundation for a new fiji.

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