Why? Why? Why? Why a decree now?

Just as parliament meets we learn of the Parliamentary Remuneration Decree 2014. This could have been decided by Parliament, but instead the dynamic duo decided to decree it before Parliament meets. Why? Did they think it was beneath their dignity to have elected representatives decide this, even though we all know they have a majority that could be relied upon to rubber-stamp their decision?

Fiji Times October 09, 2014 Salary Scale



15 Responses to “Why? Why? Why? Why a decree now?”

  1. Navosavakadua Says:

    Why does the president receive so much less than the PM? Frank is PM because he persuaded the former President to back his coup. Surely this suggests he gives great weight to the responsibilities of the office. Or is the big salary difference to allay fears that Voreqe still covets the office of President?

  2. saunivalu Says:

    Fear and control,

  3. kainoqu Says:

    It just shows the level of repsect they have for their animal farm house! As said already there is more of these kind of behaviour to come. If decreeing such important matters outside the jurisdiction of parliament is acceptable, then Fiji may be practising something quite different from parliamentary democracy. We have said earlier that having an election is one thing but practising democracy in real life is another and this is where the test will be. If Baikhai dont even show any sign of respecting their animal farm house then who will? Come on Fiji – why have an election to fill a house that doesn’t even get the respect it deserves? It is all beginning to reveal what some have been saying – that the Baikhai parliament will be nothing more than a forum that rubber stamps what they concoct or worse still, a forum that does not even have a say in what it should preside on such as shown here!

  4. Tomasi Says:

    Very true Kainoqu. Fiji is now displaying a model of democratic dictatorship, where form replaces substance, and where the Parliament will serve the parochial interests of a few at the expense of the many. Parliament shall be used as legal and effective vehicle for implementing their agenda with the legality, legitimacy and respectability they had lacked before.

    The election was their only way into Parliament. All these were conceived and pre-planned even before the elections. What level of cunning and deceit and utmost disregard and indifference to what other people think. Legality now supersedes morality. The nation will wake up someday I hope and realise how greatly mistaken people were. Grand and total deception of the worst kind. Who are these people? How have they come to be who they are today? Is there anything they will not do to achieve their ends? Does the nation truly understand the nature and extent of the evil cunning manipulation and deceit being played on them?

  5. Kafir Insaan Says:

    The main culprit here is Khaiyum the self elected AG of Fiji. This man is a real threat to all Fijians.
    If you think he is loved by Muslims, Think again. There were 80,000 Muslims registered to vote: Khaiyum got only 13,000 or some votes.

    Whom did other Muslim voted?

    Khaiyum and his clan are disgrace to this country. His aunty – the artificial porn woman noor banu ali is a key player here.

    The question is when will Bainimarama learn to use his own brain????

  6. Tomasi Says:

    Thank you Kafir. Your comments are fair and appreciated. Your final question at the end is interesting. As ,many of us see it, his brain is Khaiyum. Voreqe is only a mouth. You can tell when he speaks without his brain.

  7. No brainer Says:

    dont elevate Kaiyum to the lofty heights of human ingenuity, he doesnt have a brain either…and the person who is advising him has none too…

  8. Tomasi Says:

    I understand No Brainer. Thank you for the reminder. But the question again arises. If both of them have no brains, then who are the brains behind these stooges? Would that list include Gates, Shameem, and others lurking around in the shadows??

  9. No brainer Says:

    ratu tom, the no brainers are the fijians who did not march the streets and protest when franky overthrew qarase…and afterwards and at this very moment in time because fiji is now democratic…that probably includes you my friend.

  10. Tomasi Says:

    Thank you my friend. Mark my words, we are not done yet. But out of curiousity, where do you stand my friend?

  11. No brainer Says:

    i stand for justice and fairness and rule of law…and if you are suffering because of lack of it then you have to stand up and speak up and take action..not just sit and take it hoping that god will feel sorry for your suffering and put it right one day.
    the reason i say these persons are no brainers because they have a misguided view of justice etc…misguided because their efforts are driven by evil, self interest and greed. they use deceptive language…tell people what they love to hear and do a bit of it but on the whole do exactly the opposite when self interest does not meet the promise thus uttered.
    and by the way i love reading your spill on the black pope..would make a great movie

  12. Tomasi Kama Says:

    @No Brainer. The truth is stranger than fiction, isn’t it?, it is easier to grasp and understand. It is difficult to handle things we are not used to. That is why many of us rather believe in lies and distortions of the truth because it is often more palatable. I gave you large part of the book so that people can read and study the details and observations for themselves. They would not have to rely on my summary of it. The problem is that many of us do not have what it takes to digest, analyse and make sense of the volume of facts and evidence when they are presented in bulk.

    Yes indeed, when lies are packaged in sweet doses and presented in a certain way, people swallow them hook line and sinker. Little do they realise how very deceived and misled they have been. It also has a lot to do with our comfort zones. We tend to believe only that which is comfortable and in tandem with our beliefs and knowledge thresholds. This is one reason intellectuals, prophets are often ridiculed and scorned. These people can see around the corner and tell us events before they happen. But sadly, people would remain sceptical until it was too late.

    Remember the Biblical Flood. Noah preached and built the ark for fourty years. People continued to ridicule him and his family even when the rain was falling in the bucket-loads. It was not until the end when the door of the ark was closed that people began to realise the truth. Remember Sodom and Gomorah. Those are not Holiwood or Bolliwood scripts. They are both real historical events for our case studies to learn from. They were designed to teach us lessons to live better lives here on earth.

    For your information No Brainer, I have always tried to stand up for the truth. I was one of those that protested outside the Parliament House at Nasese. The army trucks had to be used to push us to the main road. I have stood up for others I worked with, both here and overseas. I did that because it was the right thing to do. I also believed that was what my God wanted me to do. Indifference is not a choice for me. I do not believe in compromise for its own sake, but in what is right, good, just, honourable, kind and Godly. That is why I say the things I say and do the things I do. I do not care what the regime thinks. In the final analysis, we will have to account for everything we say and do here. That day, we will have to account for how we have lived our lives. That day is coming sooner than many realise. I hope I can help people in a little way, so that they will not be washed away by the flood of lies and deceit and misery. Vinaka.

  13. No brainer Says:

    sure truth is stranger than fiction but fiction is more interesting than truth…thats why people love fiction and read books like the one you’ve got.
    I’m having trouble connecting your fiction with whats going on in the homeland…can you enlighten us please.

  14. Tomasi Says:

    Let me just give you a hint my friend. Fiji is a part of a global village where geographical borders do not exist anymore. International trade demands and creates many networks of people, alliances, organisations of all shapes, sizes and forms. Many are public but some remain hidden and invisible. It is these hidden and largely invisible organisations, and secret fraternities, cabals and clubs that wield tremendous power and influence on local, national and global events. All the major wars were not accidental, but the result of decisions and plans hatched by a group of people. Those wars are still happening and they will continue in intensity and frequency until nations lose their sovereignty and agree to a New World Order which these cabal will control.

    We are already in the middle of that as we speak. In other words, major events of a catastrophic nature here in Fiji and those in Afghanistan, India, Nepal, China, Phillipines and Japan are orchestrated by people who either belong to this group or have been used by this group. The 1987 coup was not planned by Siti. Google Gen Vernon Walters and CIA black ops and you will discover interesting truths. The 911 attacks were not by Al Qaeda. Voreqe knows he is only a beneficiary and an instrument. Ask him who is behind all this? He might not even know because that is how cunning and “good” these people are.

    Fiji’s history is only partially known. Much of what we know about our history was written by outsiders inside and outside of Fiji. History is not only made through events, history is written before it is made and become history. People select events to record and their records, recollections and interpretation of events determine the history they write and make. For instance, Cakobau was not the King of Fiji. He was only one of the chiefs of Bau and Tailevu. We had our own chief as many as other chiefs around Fiji. Fiji was not made of three confederacies with three paramount chiefs. That is all written and recorded by people according to their interpretations, and agendas.

    We owe a lot to the Freemasons for our history. They were our Governors, Mayors, Lawyers, Administrators, Boards, owners of commerce, freehold land, islands, boats, towns, etc. From Levuka to Suva, Mago to Taveuni, Savusavu to Vatukoula, East West, North, South, they actually controlled and influenced most of Fiji. Names such as Morris Hedstrom, Carnegie, Barrack, Crompton, Patterson, etc. Yes they are still very much a part of Fiji’s pulse and moves today.

    Please refer to the following sources for more interesting reading.:

    The Vatican Assasins, by Eric John Phelps
    Jesuits: A Multi-Biography Jean Lacoutre
    The Vatica Against Europe Edmond Paris
    Google the following names and articles:

    New World Order
    The Knights of Malta
    Ignatius Loyola

    There are volumes, stacks and piles of information available for those who really desire to know the truth. History helps us understand where we came from and how be come what we are today. Understanding our history, our true history can be very liberating. That is why when evil men lead and rule over us, they must make sure that they control the flow and nature of information. Information empowers the mind and determines what we see and think and feel. Mind control and manipulation is one of the essential tools of dictators.

    That explains why Khaiyum and Bhai made sure the Media Decrees were strictly enforced. By doing so, they were controlling the minds of many of our people for more than seven long years. Just as the global dictators and power brokers who rule from behind the scenes. They control global media and communications, and the internet. Their activites include a sophisticated network of organisations and activities designed to numb and dumb people and nations through entertainment,sports, Holiwood, Bolliwood, Disneyland, TV Radio, newspapers and drugs. They distract us and make us numb and dumb so that we become lazy thinkers, pliable consumers of their products and services. Fiji is very much in their grasp. Vinaka.

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