Pull the other one Koroilavesau

A former MP contacted us to say he was splitting his sides laughing at the statement by new Government’s whip, Semi Koroilavesau, that he has “a mammoth task at hand”. As Whip it’s his job to ensure all Government MPs understand the bills being proposed by the Government and vote in favour of them. According to our former MP the only thing FijiFirst MPs need to understand is that they’ll be kicked out of Parliament if they don’t vote the way their party tells them to vote. Not such a mammoth task.

Fijilive October 08, 2014: I have a mammoth task at hand: Koroilavesau


4 Responses to “Pull the other one Koroilavesau”

  1. Gerry Elbourne Says:

    Name the former MP

  2. aveuta Says:

    Koroilavesau would be one of the most experienced and knowledgeable person and an asset to the whole lot of ex-army people with this Khaiyum dominated government because of his vast experience with the private sector.He could have easily been a better Minister than the current ones in Cabinet. He would be one that Khaiyum would feel uncomfortable with if he was in Cabinet and that is why he has been deliberately left out by Khaiyum.

  3. righton Says:

    you got it right there avatar…

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