Ravi bows out

Ravi Narayan the man who stepped in to fill the job of Police Commissioner when Iowane Naivalurua was moved out has now retired. The Fiji Times have shared his life story which should be an inspiration for many others. Born into a very poor family in Dawasamu Tailevu, he has worked his way to the top through hard work. Forced to stay with relatives in Navua to get access to schooling his dream of becoming a policemen was born when passing the Navua Police Station and seeing the discipline on display at parades. He worked his way to the top. His is a good Fiji success story and may be his crowning achievement is that Bai/Khai didn’t trust him to be permanent Compol. What better reference for his integrity could you ask for?

Fiji Times October 07, 2014 From a farmy boy to law enforcer

6 Responses to “Ravi bows out”

  1. Tomasi Says:

    Yes Editor. Ravi’s story is one that should inspire all of us, especially our young people. The media would do well to engage and invest in such positive stories. This is the kind of news and information that engages our minds and hearts to help us believe that nothing is impossible and impossible is nothing. All it takes is a clear goal, smart actions, lots of wisdom and patience, little encouragement along the way, and we can get there.

    Thank you Fiji times for the story. Please feed our minds and motivate us to strive for excellence and to believe that no matter how and where we begin, we can decide how our race in life will end.

    Thank you former Com. Ravi Narayan for defying great odds and accomplishing what you have. You have contributed much to our nation, and by doing so, you have made your family and Tailevu district proud. May more young people read and be inspired by your story and may the nation be blessed because of it. Vinaka.

  2. tualeita Says:

    Great success story. For someone to be rejected by the Bainimarama government is an accomplishment anyone who loves honesty and transparency would wish to achieve.

  3. aveuta Says:

    It is a reaI pity Ravi is not a Muslim f he was, Khaiyum would have made sure to put him in a senior position somewhere.
    But we have lost a good man.He certainly would have made a better
    Com Pol than this white useless South African wastage.!!

  4. Black cat Says:

    The problem is that our own people turning 55 goes home – no matter how well they have performed and how productive they have been. Outsider above 55 is brought in to take care of our internal affairs – so much of transparency and equality going on in Fiji.

  5. Tomasi Says:

    Very true Black Cat. Hypocrisy and foolishness of the highest order. Voreqe is about 60 years but the retirement policy does not apply to him and his stooges. In terms of wisdom and understanding, people generally reach their prime at around 60 years or more. But not for BaiKhai’s Fijianaland. These arrogant idiots may have never read history enough to understand what we already know. But that retirement policy and others were not designed for the best interests of our nation. Those were tailor-made to remove undesirable elements who would question and expose their evil schemes.

    I sincerely believe that Voreqe and Khai and some of the members of their inner circle are possessed of evil spirits. They are operating with so much arrogance, duplicity, cunning and deceit with absolutely no fear or shame. It is not only their fear of the law that motivates them. I think it is more than that. Just pause and have a listen to all their words and watch all their actions. It is like watching a movies where the main characters are demon possessed or Satanic cult members. Look at the audacity, the blatant disrespect for others, their unashamed abuse of power and total dsregard for the rule of law. They actually make laws to steal our freedoms, our rights, and our ability to live life to the fullest. They make laws to protect them from anyone and anything, and use the army, police, judiciary and national resources and institutions to maintain their power and control over us. It is getting even worse by the day. Even before Parliament to decide remuneration for MPs, Khaiyum tells Bai to gazette their illegal decree into law. And the details of that decree specifying salaries and benefits for them and the others are very blatantly selfish and unjust. Can you believe that? The question for us is what will we do about it? Are going to wait for another four years and act to vote them out?

  6. aveuta Says:

    You are right Tomasi.It is with the highest degree of arrogance, disrespect and abuse that they have managed to sneak in the latest decree detailing exorbitant salaries and benefits for themselves instead of waiting for Parliament Sub Committees to decide on remunerations. Shameful !!!!For Bai, Kai Ratu Inoke and Pio, they had been sitting on the same salaries for the past 8 years.
    And we really have lost a good man with Ravi Narayan.So many other good people have been forced to retire by the regime in the same manner since 2006. Bai will be over 60 years now His eldest brother who is nearly 80 still sits there as Fiji’s Ambassador to Malaysia

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