Natuva’s flick pass won’t work

Commissioner Groenewald has reported to Defence and National Security minister, Timoci Natuva, who has promptly flicked the ball back to him. Natuva says whether or not the Police decide to open a case regarding Bilitaki will be entirely up to the Police Commissioner. That may be true but Natuva is still the Minister who answers to parliament.

Fijilive October 07, 2014 Bilitaki case back with Police: Natuva

10 Responses to “Natuva’s flick pass won’t work”

  1. Tomasi Says:

    Hon Natuva has done the right thing. Well done. As we had said days ago, the Commisioner should have done that in the first place; that is: investigate the case, pass it on to DPP and let them decide. Why he took it to the Minister is known only to him. For us, its either passing the buck or “safe side” tactics, or plain “lamulamu”. Why did they bring him to Fiji? Yes, he was the right person for the illegal regime. Now that we have an illegal Government, it is time to thank him for nothing much and tell him, “Ni sa Moce Ben”.

    Fiji needs a Commissioner who is strong, inside and outside, one who has absolute integrity and is committed to justice, law and order and is willing to stand his ground to uphold justice no matter where the evidence may lead him. We need someone of the calibre of Andrew Hughes, a person who was not afraid to confront the highest levels of Government and political in Fiji.

    So either Ben Groeneweld delivers according to the people’s expectations and the highest standards of international police conduct or he be asked to leave. We have so much at stake and we cannot afford any more pussy footing on this vital matter. Ultimately he is accountable to us the people. he may be responsible to the Defence Minister, but ultimately, they all must be accountable to us. We the people must not only understand our rights, but we must never fear of exercising those rights. To do otherwise is to call ourselves a bunch slaves and to condemn ourselves to a life of Government imposed tyranny and injustice.

  2. aloosley2013 Says:

    How surprising, obviously acting on Aiyarsoles orders.


  3. aveuta Says:

    PolCom is obviously a big wastage of tax[payers funds and thought he could come and enjoy a good holiday in Fiji with his family. His contract should be reviewed and not renewed.

  4. kainoqu Says:

    As said already on this blog forum, the challenge for the Baikhai government and all those working under it over the next four years is to explicitly demonstrate good governance. And this involves unquestionable show of transparency, accountability and prudent judgment in all their dealings – whether in the cause of public duty or private concern because this comes with the responsibility of holding public office and being paid from tax payers. If ComPol is seen to be tripping over already, there is little hope the Baikhai government will be better. This may just be sign of things to come!

  5. Tomasi Says:

    Very true Kainoqu. As Aveuta said, the ComPol from South Africa has largely been a waste of taxpayer money which we cannot afford. But as you have said quite often, the BaiKhai regime may have just been given a rebirth, Many citizens and observe may wish to think that a new democracy was born. Many of us know otherwise. Com Pol may be just the right kind of professional stooge for the regime, who would pretend to say the right words and do the right things without any real positive benefit for us the people. Very deceptive indeed. He is from South Africa, a white man from far away, experienced professional and politically ‘neutral’. So surely, in the people’s minds, he cannot be a political stooge and a part of the elaborate structure of deceit, mind control and psychological manipulation.

    Much like our President. A retired Commander and a ‘Ratu’ originally from Tonga who now lives in Bau, experienced and looks respectable, says and does the right things during the day. Occupies one of the most valuable piece of real estate in the country, more than 50 acres I think, with their own guards who stand around and march all day, still thinking that a white Governor is illegally occupying Suvavou land. What a waste of money. rather than trotting around here and there every now and again, better to invite the homeless, fatherless, jobless and retirees and host them lunch or dinner every few weeks. That would be an excellent model of leadership, compassion, love and care for the needy and money worth spending.

    But of course, a dictator needs only stooges in strategic places for the purpose of image projection and constructing facades to deceive and manipulate others to achieve their selfish agendas. Men and women who cannot or will not think and speak up for themselves and others. Just lame ducks who will be bought with a few loaves of bread, a fish, a nice car, a home and shopping money. I mean, what else can they do, where else can they go? Respectable stooges. Just like our Vuda chief they buried months ago. This regime will use people and dump them when they expire and buy others. They will use anybody anywhere to achieve their goals. That is what you and I and others have been trying to help our people understand. To help them see through the elaborate schemes, rituals and ceremonies. “Let us never grow weary in well doing, for in due season, we shall reap our rewards.” Vinaka

  6. Gerry Elbourne Says:

    All the comments here are full of shit, all losers

    • saunivalu Says:

      Gerry, If you have no contribution or cant negate the pieces of thoughts above, then go jump in the lake.

  7. laulass Says:

    vinaka Tomasi, well said. That is what we need our people to know & understand. let us keep pursuing, it took the israelites over 400yrs to reach their promised land…..

  8. PussyCat Says:

    you one hell of a racist cat tom…

  9. Tomasi Kama Says:

    @Meow, please address the issues. You are creating distractions by attacking characters. In case you are confused, let me remind you about the central issue.

    Our Police has been severely compromised and is not effectively fulfilling its mandate as expected by the public. Our new Com Pol was recruited to regain the credibility and lead the Force into a new direction. He has had several opportunities to demonstrate his competence and personal integrity. By doing so, he has let us down and shows he is not capable of doing his job to the expectations of the Fijian public.

    Consequently, Ben Groeneweld is useless as a Police Commander and does not deserve to continue. Now what can you say about that Pussy Cat?

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