Now Natuva will have to explain to parliament

Commissioner Groenewald has laid his report on the beating of Joseva Bilitaki on the desk of the Minister for Defence, National Security and Immigration, Timoci Lesi Natuva. Now Natuva will have to answer to parliament to explain if military personnel detained a private citizen and whether the police investigated a report of an assault on that citizen by military personnel. This is what democracy is all about.

Fijilive October 06, 2014 Bilitaki’s case submitted to Minister

5 Responses to “Now Natuva will have to explain to parliament”

  1. Tomasi Says:

    While we may be glad that ComPol has submitted the report to Natuva, the question is: Why can he not submit it directly to the DPP for the normal process of law enforcement to take place? Let the DPP decide whether or not there is a case to answer. Now supposing that the police had indeed taken it to the DPP, why can’t the DPP’s office exercise its mandate under the law and tell us whether or not the military personel (taskteam) had broken the law and are going to be prosecuted.

    It appears to me that the following possibilities exist:

    1. The ComPol had been directed not to act in accordance with normal police procedures. That directs him to investigate the matter and submit the case to the office of the DPP if it warrants further action.
    2. As a matter of policy involving the Police and the Military, the Police Commissioner is within his rights to consult the Minister on any possible conflict between the Police and the Military.
    3. The Minister of Defense does not decide whether or not a crime has been committed and what action should be taken. That is the proper role of the Police and the DPP’s office and the Court.
    4. As is, the case of Master Bilitaki’s assault by military personnel has been treated as a political or national security matter, which it is clearly not the case here. Irrespective of whether the PM or the President is involved, the facts of the case does not make is a national security or a political matter.
    5. Voreqe’s life was not threatened in any way. If it was indeed the case, then it would have been a different matter altogether. But it seems that they are treating this case as one of national security and not a criminal assault by military dogs who acted illegally, immorally, and out of their normal jurisdiction.
    6. Please note that even when discussing the case with journalists, Ben our Chief Police Dog had already stated there was no truth in the allegation of assault and the former school teacher was in hospital because of high blood pressure. He also stated that a few military officers were involved and he found this unacceptable and not illegal. He already sounds like a politician to me and not a policeman. He must concern himself first and foremost with the legality and matters of the law rather than political or policy issues of this case.
    7. It is also quite significant that no police report was taken from Bilitaki during the first few days of the illegal arrest and alleged assault. The actions and inactions of the Police in this case speaks volumes about irregularities and suspicious motives that characterize Voreqe’s administration.

    The whole story is a serious case of blunder and abuse of power by people at the very highest levels in Government. It also looks like passing the buck and confusing the public with “somebody has done it but nobody is responsible because everybody knows anybody should have done something about it”.

    Obviously, attempts are being made to brush this whole incident under the carpet. This is very convenient for Voreqe who has just returned from lying so blatantly to the UN and making a fool of himself and a greater embarrasment of Fiji. This is absolutely unacceptable Commissioner. Please do not think that we are still stupid. We will not let you fool us.

    I urge Ro Teimumu to make this matter and other pending torture and criminal assault cases a priority for parliamentary discussion. We the people have been treated like fools and slaves for too long and we will not be fooled or enslaved anymore. We demand answers and actions. Not excuses and explanations about who did what to whom and why and where and how. We are tired of hearing this kind of lies and mumo-jumbo from people we have paid to serve us and protect us. Let us know there is a proper Parliament and not just a monkey circus in the city. We the people of Fiji need answers and justice must be seen to be done.

    • saunivalu Says:

      We are getting our hopes too high when the terms or words like Elected Governments, Parliaments, DPP, and legal Government cross our path. We tend to feel that things will be back to normal for our beloved country when those elected individuals start to exercise their intelligence and put together in epic proportion the need for freedom and democracy first and foremost, and in Fiji right now, is like shoving shit up hill. No matter how much hope and wishes we all have for our beloved country and our people, we must look at the root of all the problems which put our country and her children 50 years back.

      There was an unfair justice to the people of Fiji when the current government visited and bought votes of the very ordinary people who have little or no understanding of the shroud of deceit and lies they were given by Fiji First, the people heard the promises yet no realising how they would come about. These people do not understand what fairness is about, let alone how the economics and legality of any issue about a Fair and Just society.

      The Election has legalised the thuggery of this government to exercise and enforce all that they intended to, to continue to control and subdue the people of Fiji regardless of the oppositions they have in parliament. They had the biggest opposition in the last 8 years, the people of Fiji and now, they only have a handful of people who will be intimidated day in and day out in parliament, so to think that they will make any difference, I doubt that very much. BHAI and Kai are still in full control. Fiji needs to pull the weeds out of her garden of prosperity, freedom racial harmony etc etc. In order to do that we need to educate the people of Fiji and inform them all how Fiji First has pulled the wool over their eyes in months leading up to the election.

      BHAI and KAI must go and Military must be abolished or given to some other country like America or England to take control of, only then Fiji will eradicate the Dumb Coup plotters like we have had in the past.

      Lets just pray and throw our five cents in the pot of luck and then one day and may be just one day a miracle will happen to our beloved country and her people and without people like us, Fiji will never get there. Lets keep harping on For Fiji .

  2. aveuta Says:

    Now that we are supposed to be a democracy,I really wish for Natuva to recommend for a Commision of Inquiry to investigate the circumstances as to how 45 of our soldiers serving with UNDORFin the Golan Heights were captured and reportedly surrendering their weapons to a terrorist organization.Rumours of the soldiers partying on the night in question and all sleeping including the sentries when the Al Nusra Front entered their camp as reported by the Indonesians in the adjacent AO need to be verified.
    There is also the circumstances surrounding the soldiers release. The story about Ratu Inoke travelling to Qatar and meeting with the Foreign Minister there and Qatar reportedly paying a ransom of $20million to the terrorists that saw the release of the Fiji soldiers.There are so many questions that still need answers.Were any of the weapons returned? What was agreed by Ratu Inoke with his counter part in Qatar for the $20m to be a grant or loan and if it is to be paid back what are the terms?Are the soldiers to be regarded as heroes or plain cowards as now branded by the international community?It is only the findings after a thorough investigation that can answer many of our questions

  3. Batileka Says:

    The Games have yet to Begin.

  4. Tomasi Says:

    Yes friends. Let us hope that things will get better. But as Aveuta said, an inquiry must be conducted to ascertain the truth. At last we have a Parliament for that motion to be put. Although we do not have a democracy we want, the game has yet to begin and the players have assembled, and the spectators are watching curiously.

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