Khaiyum grabs back A-G job

At the very last minute, just before he was due to be sworn in, Khaiyum grabbed back his job as Attorney-General. He gave the job of Minister for Industry and Trade and Minister for Tourism to Faiyaz Koya who was due to be appointed Attorney-General. As AG and Minister for Finance, as well as Minister for Public Enterprises, he will be exercising enormous powers and many Ministers will have trouble keeping him out of their hair.

Fiji Times, October 06, 2014: Sayed-Khaiyum resumes role as Attorney-General

4 Responses to “Khaiyum grabs back A-G job”

  1. Navosavakadua Says:

    Was it his choice or Voreqe’s? It’s significant that the ILO is in town again, and we all remember what happened last time he was holding all the reins. As Minister for Industry and Tourism he would be trampling all over Jioji Konrote’s job as Minister for Labour. Did he have to be removed to allow Konrote to do his job?

  2. Tomasi Says:

    @Navosa, very relevant and penetrating questions indeed. Vinaka. A Cabinet reshuffle even before Parliament sits is interesting to say the least. Something is happening within the heart of Voreqe’s inner circle. Only time will tell. But until then, we can speculate intelligently from the events and facts available.

    We are aware that Voreqe/Khaiyum’s current administration is a mix of people and characters who do not trust each other. They have made statements in the past that reveal strong and fundamental differences of philosophy and character. Victor Lal has provided us an excellent commentary on the intense rivalry and animosity between the Fiji Sawmillers Association and the Khaiyum triad involving mahogany and forestry licences and preferential deals. To Jay Dayal of the FSA, Khaiyum is a Taliban and must be put down.

    Koya is a good lawyer and comes from excellent statesman stock. His brother belongs to NFP. Does he enjoy the trust of Khaiyum and Bhai? Would he have made positive changes to the compromised judiciary? Would he have allowed the Courts to function more normally? Would he have allowed Fiji to hear cases long pending and overdue for hearing and prosecutorial proceedings?

    Your reference to Brigadier Gen. Konrote is also a good illustration.
    Brig Konrote is very well known to us for his professionalism and excellent service. We also know him to be a strong advocate of Viti kei Rotuma and all that implies for our indigenous people and cultures. On the other hand, Khaiyum’s thesis is exactly the very opposite of that and Khaiyum has effectively demolished certain institutional structures of Viti. Now that the former soldier is running Labour and Industry, Khaiyum has been moved out of Trade and Commerce and Tourism. But why did he insist that he reclaim his former AG portfolio? As the Finance Minister, he already has sufficient authority, responsibilities and influence over the whole economy. Why more power over the judiciary to add to his overwhelming influence over the whole nation?

    My guess is that there are lots happening within the inner sanctum of power in Fiji. Shameem is back in town and the gay Anthony is still CJ. Interesting who will replace Nailatikau as President? Will Khaiyum be happy with not being in charge of Tourism and Investments and the under the table deals that come with it? How about Voreqe’s pledge to Khaiyum’s aunty, the paymistress Nur Bano Ali? What will the Opposition bring to Parliament?

    These are some of the numerous questions and issues that must be occupying the minds and hearts of Voreqe and his circles of influence. They may have thought that all they needed was to stage manage an election win, get to Parliament and proceed as before. Now, they are beginning to realise that the darkness is giving way to a new sunrise. Secrecy will have to give way to publicity. Under the table deals will now have to be made over and across the table. What was hidden under secret vaults and closets and hotel rooms will now be forced out into the glare of political debate in parliament, from Opposition members as well as behind their backs from their own Ministers and Parliamentary colleagues.

    Its interesting that their 2013 Consitution and Parliamentary Orders stipulate no freedom for free thinking and voting. It is so funny that the freedom Voreqe and Bhai have robbed us of are also now true for their own members of Parliament. The majorty of MPs in the Voreqe FFP are not free thinkers anymore. They will just be mere robots and puppets, completely operating at the behest and dictatorship of their own great Leader and his Brain. What an irony indeed. Fiji is truly going to see exciting days ahead. But expect more devious and blatant injustice. Also expect the possible undoing of the once mighty Voreqe-Khaiyum dynasty. New players and forces are at play. Welcome to the new kingdom. The king and his monkey brain have been installed in the modern jungle of Fijiana.

  3. Ro Jo Says:

    Well the dickhead said Shameem was suppose to be new AG but what went wrong in that appointment, is anyone’s guess

  4. Tomasi Says:

    @Ro Jo, as we know, the lady Justice Shameem is both crafty and smart, far much more than the Hon Khai and PM Bai. She is still feeling the ground, sensing the climate, and analysing the data to provide him the information she needs to make that move we have been waiting for.

    The questions are when, what and where???. When will she make her move public? What position or positions will she choose? Where will that take the new BaiKhai/Sham government?

    Remember, there are other players now on the stage and it is now more light shining on the stage. The three or four major power brokers (Bai, Khai, Sham and Tony) must now acknowledge the presence of other powerful club members with influence. Brig Konrote is not one to be disrespected or trifled with. Then there are other former military officers now Cabinet Ministers.

    But somehow, they must accommodate Shameem because they need her. Parliament will one day hear about the rationale of her appointment in Geneva? As the seats get hotter in parliament, Bai and Khai will need immediate and excellent brain resource which Shameem provides.

    Epeli’s role must conclude soon because he will become more useless to them as time goes on. His position is also under the spotlight now. His nightly crusades will be public embarrasment if he is not careful. Is Shameem being lined up for the role? Is she going to be another Fiji first woman President of Fiji? Would she become the first Indo Fijian President of Fiji?

    That would be the crowning act for the Hon Murderer from Kiuva. She is worth twice more than the young Khaiyum in wisdom, knowledge and experience. She cannot remain on the sideline and be a cheerleader. She will ultimately join in a more public role and for which she will be adequately paid. But Khaiyum is worth millions of silence for Voreqe. Remember the pay mistress? What will be her role now? I saw her during the Budget Meeting at GPH. Very critical part of Voreqe’s heart and mind, she takes care of the loot. She takes care of multiplying the loot. She knows the whereabouts of what, how much and the access codes. What a powerful woman she is. One look at her face and it says it all. “Do you know who I am? I am Ms VIP.”

    Shameem’s appointment and role will answer the where question. It is another jigsaw piece that gives us an idea of where this Government intends to go. Along with Shameem is her hubby the Vodaman, Aslam Khan. Or they will remain in neutral Geneva for awhile and gauge the climate from a distance. After a few months or more, then they will return when another Major Cabinet reshuffle is due. Interesting chess game they are playing, especially when they are playing for keeps. Not a game anymore. Any wrong step, someone might spill the beans and go straight to gaol. They cannot afford that because the whole house of cards will crumble and all will go to gaol. End of the game?

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