Is there any truth to the claim by Fiji Leaks that Mary Qiliaso was charged with sexual misconduct as a civil servant while working at Health Ministry HQ? This would explain here withdrawal from one of the top jobs at Parliament House, but is it true? Does anyone have facts, like when this happened, or who else was involved?

3 Responses to “LADY OF THE NIGHT?”

  1. Muki Says: has reported on its website quoting Bainimarama as “AG position was too light for Koya: PM”

    Is this true???????

    Does that mean that AG’s portfolio does not require brain – anyone could do the job????
    Or does that mean – the government is fearful that Koya might not agree to legislate agenda from Baini/Khaiyum????

    Or does that mean how to handle Chaudhry’s case on appeal, if lodged in Fiji Court of Appeal

    Or to protect soldiers who after the election misbehaved and beat the school teacher????????

    Lots and lots of questionsss

  2. LOSALINI Says:

    all of the above Muki. signs of desperation by bai/khai.

  3. Mukesh Says:

    What ever people say about the fairness of the election, it does not sink into my grey matter about the votes certain prominent individuals received in the 2014 general election. An example is Mr Surendra Lal of Fiji Labour Party. Looking at the number of votes Mr Lal received (537) and his history of community work particularly to lorry drivers and sugar cane farmers, the numbers do not add up. How can people betrayed this man who had scarified so much his time for those people.
    Can someone please explain to me as I am dumbfounded.

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