Sugar outlook

The Sugar Cane Growers Council chief executive, Sundresh Chetty, says he expects a cane harvest of 1.85 million tonnes of cane and claims this will produce about 210,000 tonnes of sugar. This is a cut on Bainimarama’s previous cane estimates of 200,000 tonnes but it looks like he’s expecting an efficient milling operation. He expects a tonne of sugar to take less than 9 tonnes of cane but the Mahendra Chaudhry claims they are running at over 11. All cane farmers want is the truth.

Fiji Times 2 October 2014: Chetty: 2014 a good season

One Response to “Sugar outlook”

  1. Koroboy Says:

    The CEO of Growers Council will say anything that will please the Government, because any slip of tongue will see him planting and cutting cane himself.
    This man was clerical officer at SCGC office, thanks to coup and Bainimarama, became CEO overnight.

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