Khaiyum pretends to give up a Ministry

By changing the Ministry of Information to a Department the all-controlling Khaiyum has tried to make us think his tentacles have been reduced. But this fools no-one. The staffing remains the same and Shazzer remains a Permanent Secretary.

Fijilive October 02, 2014 Ministry becomes a department



One Response to “Khaiyum pretends to give up a Ministry”

  1. Muki Says:

    In Suva, last week, Khaiyum had call a budget summit and extended invitation to many stakeholders. After the summit we read in media that Reserved Bank governor and Fiji Visitors Bureau chief praised about growth in past 5-6 years.
    Non of them had guts to mentioned about how to reduce spending to promote more growth. I also read with interest that government will look into public sector.
    One public that they must look into is FIJI MILITARY FORCE budget. Now that the election is over and normalcy in place, there is no need to have large military officers hanging around.
    I propose the following
    a. All Amy reserves must be sent home immediately
    B. All ex-officers, including those over the retirement age must retire and sent home with dignity, other civil servants
    C. All surplus government vehicles currently held by FMF must be returned to government
    D.All officers who have worked tirelessly and continuously in the past six years and have accrued leave must take all leave immediately, and all accrued leave must be exhausted within two years

    The above four should be taken as priority as I strongly believe that government would save over $200,000 or possibly more.

    If this is not done in the forthcoming budget, than greater people of Fiji should ask question why this is not done. Is the government trying to pay back or too frighten to take hard action.

    Reducing civil servants and reducing their spending and increasing unnecessary indirect taxes will have more hardship to ordinary citizens that any economic gain.

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