Khaiyum announces his time has come

Khaiyum, revelling in his role as the newly appointed Finance Minister, has called for a special budget forum in Suva this Saturday. The invitation has gone out to businesses, the financial sector, civil society, and employee groups to the one-day forum to have an input in the formulation of policies. This will be the first test of democracy for Khaiyum. Will he be able to let all these groups have any say, or will he just lecture them? He let PS Filimone Waqabaca announce the budget will be released in the first week of November but he didn’t allow him to say what day it would be. Waqabaca had to pass on this when asked by the media.

Fijilive September 29, 2014: 2015 Budget announcement data set.


2 Responses to “Khaiyum announces his time has come”

  1. Tomasi Says:

    Editor, according to the latest events in Parliament, Hon Khaiyum, Saiyad Aiyaz has reclaimed his AG portfolio from his friend Koya. As I had previously mentioned here and in other sites, he will be the most powerful person in this FFP Government. His chain of portfolios empowers him to control Fiji.

  2. aveuta Says:

    Just look at the seating arrangement in Parliament. He sits 2nd to PM therefore claims the Deputy PM seat. Another reason he sits next to the PM is to write answers to difficult questions levelled at the PM and pass or whisper it to him. He is undoubtedly the most powerful person in the country as AG and Minister for Finance and Public Service. The truth is that he did not vacate the AG’s room at Suvavou House and Koya had to be accommodated in another office.Maybe there are just too many skeletons to hide?

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