FLP blows the whistle on mill breakdowns

The FLP website has reported all four sugar mills are experiencing frequent breakdowns but FSC is keeping mum on the stoppages and their causes, much to the frustration of angry farmers and industry reps. Most worrying of all is the report that the mills are using 11 tonnes of cane to produce 1 tonne of sugar. In Labasa, the Qawa River is again heavily polluted as a result of the mill discharging stale cane juice because of mill stuff-ups. As Minister for Sugar Bainimarama has to take responsibility and do something. Does he think his election means the voters don’t want a sugar industry?

FLP website 28th September 2014: Frequent mill breakdowns anger cane farmers

One Response to “FLP blows the whistle on mill breakdowns”

  1. Koro Boy Says:

    Abdul Khan, the executive chairman of FSC, denies both concerns that cane farmers and residents of Qawa in Labasa are suffering. This was reported in Fiji Times today, dated 1/10/2014.
    Can someone please let Abdul Khan know that although FLP and NFU are not in front line, they will voice peoples concern. No one can silence them.

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