Hallelujah: Frank follows FDN

Last week we told Frank, if he believes in what he says about unity, he should stop abusing his opponents and start treating them as a legitimate opposition, the voice of 40% of the citizens who he says are all equal. Well, he did it! At the UN in NY he extended a hand of friendship to all his political opponents, calling on them to put aside their differences and work constructively to improve the lives of every Fijian when the new Parliament convenes on October 6.

Fiji Times September 29, 2014 PM: Work with me

2 Responses to “Hallelujah: Frank follows FDN”

  1. KB Says:

    Well…..didn’t he say that he is going to meet the same group of liars in Parliament.

    And that the Methodist leadership….they are a bunch of liars.

    Between the two groups above….your are talking about leaders of most of the Fijian people.

    You see….the speech in NY….that was for the consumption of a different audience….not the local crowd…..locally….these opposition folks are just a bunch of liars and corrupt people and if they just get out of the way…..this guy can take Fiji forward.

  2. asivorosi Says:

    Professor Yash Ghai was quoted as saying that “he doubts Frank B has ever read and understood the 2013 Constitution”.That really says a lot about the person being labelled as the Prime Minister of Fiji. In other words he is the best from all 50 parliamentarians to lead our country.
    But is he ?The old adage will really be running true ” Time will tell”

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