Why no new Minister for Sugar?

One of the strange outcomes of the new Cabinet announcement is the Minister for Sugar. It’s the same one, the one who cut sugar production in half. Why can’t we have someone who knows and cares about the sugar industry? Why does Bainimarama still want to hang on to responsibility for an industry that he’s done so much damage to? FSC is bankrupt.  Could it be true that Bainimarama intends to sell FSC off to a Chinese buyer?

4 Responses to “Why no new Minister for Sugar?”

  1. Mukesh Says:

    Good reason for not having Sugar Minister….. Why!?????????
    1. What will Manasa Vaniqi do, he need to be busy – other wise idle mind thinks devil……….. perhaps planning coups
    2. And not forgetting Seru Vularika – another coba – how will he feed his family when he has no job.

    Come on guys don’t be mad….a little bit thinking will find all answer

    When will the Sugar Industry Master Award, Growers Council, will be reinstated. Also when the under qualified, Baini’s boy, Sundresan Chatty be replaced.

    Opposition should start asking these question seriously, perhaps in very first sitting in parliament.

  2. Mukesh Says:

    Interesting reading follow the link

    Cane growers chance to ask their beloved leader Mr. Bainimarama some answers.

    extract from the site as below

    Frequent mill breakdowns anger cane farmers

    The Penang Mill stopped on Friday night due to mechanical problems. At 9am Saturday NFU General Secretary Mahendra Chaudhry found 150 rail trucks and 50 lorries piled up all around the mill compound.

    Angry lorry drivers told National Farmers Union (NFU) that they were regularly inconvenienced as a result of mill breakdowns.

    The Rarawai Mill was down for four days last week It broke down on Tuesday and did not resume crush until Saturday morning.

    The Labasa Mill was down for three days (72 hours) last week after packing up at about 8am on Wednesday. It resumed crush at 7.30am on Saturday.

    The mill at Lautoka is crushing well below capacity due to mechanical problems. It shut down for some 12 hours Wednesday last week.

    Management at the mills are not commenting on what is causing the problem. Even the Sugar Cane Growers Council is no longer receiving data from FSC on crush and sugar make, according to a Council source.

    Farmers are questioning the high TCTS ratio, believed to be around 11:1, because of milling inefficiency, resulting in huge loss of income to the industry.

    Meanwhile, the Qawa River in Labasa remains heavily polluted with the mill discharging stale cane juice and chemicals into it whenever a breakdown occurs. The unbearable stench from the river is causing residents in the surrounding areas great discomfort and health problems. As in the past, Health authorities remain blissfully unconcerned about their plight

  3. KB Says:

    We saw the sugar production go down in the last 8 years.
    The cane farmer’s, mostly Indians, know what is best for them and they in their judgment have chosen Mr. Bainimarama.
    I wish them all the best.
    Hey, who knows…..the EU may give that $300 million after all….party time now.

  4. Tomasi Says:

    Chetty and KB. This dictator/PM Voreqe is maybe just too proud to admit his wrongs, too foolish to listen, too confused to know what is happening, and too deeply corrupted to redeem himself. He is condemned to continue his journey to never-never land, and many of our people have given him more reason to take the country along with him. How can a nation of well meaning and law abiding citizens allow an unstable and college dropout and murderer to lead them to a brighter future? For eight years may be understandable. But for another eight years and beyond? Just simply incredible?

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