Time to stop

Bainimarama won his election and expects now to be treated as Prime Minister and not a thug who stole government. If he believes in what he says he should stop abusing his opponents and start treating them as legitimate opposition, the voice of 40% of the people. If there is common and equal citizenry this should apply to all, regardless of who they voted for.

FijiLive September 24, 2014  Same group of liars in Parliament: PM

14 Responses to “Time to stop”

  1. LOSALINI Says:

    I lost count of how many times Bainimarama called the Opposition LIARS on his latest TV interview. Shame on him for being so rude and disrespectful. I cannot but feel that this is a tactic and you will hear this Mantra from him and his supporters, especially the media, for the next months or so, leading up to the release of the Auditor’s General Report.

  2. saunivalu Says:

    A thug will always be a thug and always be a thug…Please Fiji do something ….and get him out and all his families from all the best Jobs Bainimarama perched them on… Fiji wake up and smell the roses…. You all are still trapped in and under his control… The democracy you all speak of or think that you now have is not democracy… It is suppression engineered by these thugs to suppress you all… You don’t have a voice, or a choice.. Your children will be subjected to so much oppression and suppression whereby they cant see their future in a clear perspective. Most will be looking at the Army as their future and that is happening now, your kids are being trained at school to be future soldiers….of Bainimaram and his family of course…

  3. Watcher789 Says:

    Food for thought… Qatar airlines is recruiting Fijian workers “ONLY” amongst all workers in the world. Anyone has any exit strategy if anything goes wrong? Must have exit strategy for places like that. Don`t just jump in that pit and figure how to get out later. Any gullibles available?

    • Watcher789 Says:

      Or maybe we need some bond for the $20m? Just checking..maybe there`s no $20.It just seems like this thing just breeze past through the door and no one did the what if.. it`s all one way traffic here with a BIG wooopee from Fijitimes and I am going wtf.Are this guys for real?Be careful.

  4. rohit K Says:

    Wadan sees everything half empty. He speaks about the votes for FLP, PDP, and others going to waste.

    Had this election been held similar to that under the constitution, more votes would have been wasted as NFP would not have been in Parliament. Yes, its approx 26k votes would have been wasted.

    In addition, FF would have won approx 80% or 40 seats. Wadan can go and check.

    I hope Wadan will also state that the chances of rigging is far less tyan previous elections.

    Lastly, the fear campaign was by sodelpa supporters not FF. Off course, wadan will not see it.

  5. rohit K Says:

    Meant under the 1999 constitution

  6. Mukesh Says:

    Rohit, you are an idiot. At least you must respect a learned person whose wide ranging knowledge is respected amongst top people around the world.
    The views that Prof Narsey shared is very valuable and people should give a deep thought about that.
    The current constitution do not fairly allow voters wishes into parliament. The 5% rule is absolute non sense and ill-conceived.
    People should raise voice and get this draconic rule change

  7. rohit K Says:

    Mukesh you kulina,

    1. Learned people make mistakes also:

    2. Wadan said the votes for parties other than those in parliament got wasted. Isn’t this true in all cases where the votes for the losing party/person is wasted;

    3. Under the old system, NFP would not have got a single seat and all its votes would have been wasted.

    4. Now, you sound opps are an idiot.

  8. Jione Says:

    In the next election, indo fijian support for NFP will further decline to less than 4%, from the current 8% which will mean that they will be out of the ring. In this election, it was the itaukei votes which helped them to pass the 5% threshold. Otherwise they would have got just 4% of the total votes.

  9. Mukesh Says:

    Rohit – You bastard!!!! Stop using abusive language or else !!!!!…It seems that you want to promote a particular party. If you are true man, you should provide your credentials and true identity like Mr. Narsey.

    Stop using abusive language or else you will get into problem.

  10. Mukesh Says:

    The result would have been diffident had the election being held under the 1999 constitution. Fiji First Party, more ever Bainimarama, would not have got the majority votes based on constituency.
    You go and do your home work.
    The current constitution is designed in such as way which forced out many potential candidate, including MPC, Garase, and other Indigenous Fijians.
    There has been lots of hard work done by the military government to ensure that they remain in government.
    You idiot – stop using offensive language and start doing some credible research – you arse hole

  11. rohit Says:


    You started with calling me idiot and then bastard.

    Pls go and check your head kulina.

  12. Sitiveni Says:

    Mukesh do you know who your parents are? Calling others bastard is a clear indication of your upbringing. This blog is not your father’s, that is you know who your father is in the first place.


  13. ratu kaindia Says:

    mukesh u arse sucker,,rohit is right,,why would u call him idiot at the first place..he has the right to voice his opinion

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