Khaiyum hands over the reins

Let’s hope it’s a sign that the rule of law has returned. As Interim AG Khaiyum was the engine of government turning out decree after decree without consultation. Now he’s let go of the AG’s office to concentrate on economic matters. Laws will now be made by a Parliament after debate and a vote by elected representatives. Could this be a sign that things will get better.

Fiji Times September 24, 2014 Cabinet members sworn in

10 Responses to “Khaiyum hands over the reins”

  1. kainoqu Says:

    That is the bone of contention! Moving to take control of the nation’s finances and trade was obvious from the start because that is where the schemes of corruption have been taking place overt the past years! All the accounting and facilitated financial transaction that have taken place will now be carefully presented in a way that will woo the suffering peasants about its benefits. This is where the focus will be for the coming months and year and there will be s lot of grumbling and snaring over this and the self-styled parliament is there to preside over it and ensure all accounts and financial transactions crafted out by baikhai gets it huge rubber stamp!

  2. Ateca.V Says:

    Nah !

  3. Tomasi Says:

    “Khaiyum handing over the reigns?” Are we kidding ourselves? No, no ,no, not ever. He who believes this wolf will become a sheep is either deluded or suffering from dementia.

    Let’s look at the Cabinet line up. Notice his five strategic portfolios and the distribution of power to the others and we will get the picture. That will only be the start. There will be changes along the way.

    Khaiyum has Finance, Trade and Commerce, Tourism, Public Enterprises and the Public Service. That is practically the core of power and seat of dominion and control over the economy. His mandate and portfolios empowers him to have oversight over everything else including sugar, agriculture, forestry, lands, Fijian Affairs and everything that moves in Fiji. His friend is Attorney General, so would still want to control the so called independent judiciary. So as is, Khaiyum Saiyad Aiyaz in the man. This is his kingdom, even though a monkey is the PM. He controls the Executive Branch, the Judiciary, the Economy and Finance. He is effectively the King of Fiji. Never before has a single man hold such a pervasive control over our nation. But you see, it is no loner our nation. It is now called, the BKK of Fijiana (Bhai Khai Kingdom of Fiji).

    So, no, he is not handing over control. He is accumulating power and control. Now that may be good for him and Voreqe, but it may be detrimental to the nation and to themselves in the long run. The question again is why has he given himself those key porfolios? As already said, the devil is in the details. Time will reveal the truth. Let us watch and wait.

  4. Mukesh Chand Says:

    Lessons to be learned from the last election are :-
    1. It is not wise under the current system to stand as independent candidate, based on minimum 5% vote an independent candidate will get one seat in parliament, while a party will get at least three. Thus an independent candidate is not only risking two seats but also risking of losing – difficult to get 5% minimum vote.
    2.Parties to fill in as many candidates as possible more than 50, the more candidate the more chance in parliament, every vote counts to cross the threshold.
    3. Each candidate and party as a whole should not limit campaign to one particular area, but whole of Fiji.
    4. Campaign for next election should effectively start now, such as regular contacts with extended relatives , friends, and make new friends. These are people you can go to and for votes. Also try not to miss any funerals, important occasion, etc.
    5. If possible, balance the candidate list with younger inspiring candidate. Have older people alone will not attract votes.

    The above are very valuable points and often overbooked.

    I would urge inspiring candidates such as Roshika and Umesh to start on the above now and success will come to their feet. Never lose hope, their is light at the end of tunnel which is not very far.

    Good luck and God Bless You

  5. dredd Says:

    Its hardly giving up much as iarse still hangs to 5 ministries. Don’t they have confidence in the other members or is this megalomaniac got power drunk and sucking in all the remunerations for these ministerial positions.

  6. Mukesh Chand Says:

    Its about making sure that no corruption done in past is exposed. Due to this reason all major government department are under his command. Ask yourself a question why he left AG’s portfolio to Finance. Finance portfolio will make sure Chaudhry does not get information or else back flip.

  7. kainoqu Says:

    Mukesh Chand – you are quite right there. One of the things that Fiji will learn from this reinstatement of the Baikhai regime is that government will become more closed than open. Transparency will only be a word of mouth but not a reality. When Baikhai ruled under protection of their dictatorial decrees, it may have been easier because whatever they demanded was order of the day. Now that they’ve allowed opposition parties the right to speak, they will pay extra attention to all the corruption and abuse they’ve been doing over the past years and make sure everything is kept intact! The onus is on the opposition parties and supporters to step up to the plate and make sure that no stone is left unturned. Of course there will be intimidation and scaremongering to detract peoples attention away from what is covered up but that should provide stronger reason to up the scrutiny! And scrutiny should extend beyond the walls of government to the offices of accounting firms, lobby firms and spin doctors like Qorvis. People must be informed and made aware of all that has happened, is happening and will happen. We shall be watching with interest to see how open and democratic this Baikhai government is.

  8. Tomasi Says:

    Very true Kainoqu. A new model of “democratic dictatorship” will be hard to manage. They will certainly want to dictate things. Firstly because that is in their nature. Secondly, as you mentioned, they will try and use every tactic they know to stop us from knowing all that has been hidden from us over the last seven years. Finances, AG Reports 2007 – 2014, Debt burden, Land leases at Bua, Namosi, Ba River, new international relations, Fiji Airways, FNPF, Fijian Holdings, Momi Bay, Natadola, Fiji Pine, FSC, Voreqe’s Leave Backpay, Nur Bano Ali as pay-mistress, Rewa Dairy, Immunity Clause, Land Bank, etc etc.

    But as you said, it is up to the Opposition to leave no stone unturned. I wish Mick Beddoes was there in Parliament. We need a smart, intelligent and fluent speaker of Micks calibre to get the snakes out of their cages. We do have Bill Gavoka there and a few others who are excellent speakers. But Mick would have been an excellent member for the Opposition team to demand transparency and accountability. They need to be reminded they serve the people of Fiji and not vice versa. But with their new model of democracy, that may be too ambitious to hope for. Let us wait and see.

  9. Joe Black Says:


    dickheads like that half caste beddoes and that racist anti indian gavoka are the last MF’s fiji needs all the other shit will be sorted by auditor ge reports

    stop yr bull

    wake up and go fiji first

  10. Tomasi Says:

    @Joe Black, please go rinse your heart. You words reveal a sorry state of health. Five swear. unkind, undignified words in one simple sentence, against two utterly respectable men of great standing in the community, locally and internationally. Why Joe? Why do you hate them so much? What have they done to deserve such hatred?

    But hear me please. “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaketh. Who could know it? God.

    Why do you call yourself Black? Joe is a fine and respectable name. But “Black”? Come on Joe. Wake up and move out of that dungeon.

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