Jiko steps aside for military man

Jiko Luveni’s appointment as Speaker has opened the way for former Commissioner Central, Laisenia Tuitubou, to get a seat in parliament and take up the position of Sports and Youth Minister left by Commander Viliame Naupoto. Got to keep those military numbers up!



3 Responses to “Jiko steps aside for military man”

  1. Tomasi Says:

    Many of us who grew up in the fifties and sixties enjoyed the Fian traditional dances. With the lali beat and rythm and the sound of the vucu (people chanting), the men and women would emerge to take their positions and the dance would develop into full momentum. Splendid display of art, music, and culture, neatly woven and developed into a fine public spectacle to entertain the crowd and give time for pause from a very hectic ceremony or event. The chief guest and special guests, especially our visitors, would be the target audience, but the whole community would also join in the fun and the magic of it all.

    Here we are, fast forward into the new millennium, Sept 2014. The sounds and rhythm of time provides events with their cues. Actors emerge and actions and drama unfold. The new Parliament of the new Fiji by the new rulers of the kingdom. Jiko was only a card in the game. She was useful only for a time. A new game has begun, and the Players need new cards to make new deals. It is a serious game now, more serious that the one being played over the last seven years. Then, it was dark, the games were largely played under the cover of darkness. Now, the lights are on and the game shall be under the full glare of the local and international lights.

    So, thanks Jiko, good girl. You be the Speaker, and that is your reward for being faithful to the Main Player and his Monkey. We will need a lady of your calibre and loyalty to be the umpire. Remeber your role. But do not ever forget who put you there. You are not the player. You are simply the Umpire. Remember there are ten other people waiting to take your place. So be a good girl, OK? Kusa sara qou lewa.

  2. archiebald newton Says:

    This is really the same dickhead Tuitubou whilst serving as a Commanding Officer of some unit in Sinai made a police woman attached to the same unit pregnant.There are other better candidates to be Ministers such as Semi Koroilavesau.who is currently Managing Director of Captain Cook Cruises.He would make the best Minister for Tourism or the Transport Ministry given his background as a Ship captain.Why does Khaiyum sideline people who are more qualified?

  3. Grace Says:

    Please don’t make such stupid comment, we all have our weakness, be constructive cause you don’t know Mr Tuitubou’s capabilities.

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